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Every week there will be 10 blank fields on the page for you to fill with your over-obsessed symptoms!
You need to write your CSI wiki name and add your syndromes. After that, post a few of your favorite pics
(CSI themed) and tell us something about your obsession!
Please consider this will start in October because there's not many members on here during summer break.

CSIologist - CSI

Obsession can be-CSI general oriented
Character oriented
Relationship oriented
Crime, science & villains oriented

CSIologist - CSI

Then the CSI Wiki members will vote for the most over-obsessed CSI fan!
But remember, once you've won there's no coming on therapy again!
The most over-obsessed member of the week will be next week's therapist!

CSIologist - CSI

Work with our therapists!
Therapists will guide you through you're "Rehab" process. They'll provide you with the latest CSI news, they'll find you a video that you're dieing to see so long, they can provide you the funniest pics and icons! The best thing about our therapists is that they'll help you get over painful "Billy is leaving" faze.
CSIologist - CSI
Those who haven't won, but have participated, can enter again after 3 weeks of time!
CSIologist - CSI
Over-Obsessed Member Symptoms and Syndroms
1. Carusoluv52 Grissom William Credit love_gsr grissom
2.BoricuaChick15J SEXY GRISSOM grissom hat GSR hug GSR kiss I get headaches if a day passes with out watching CSI. I hyperventilated after they killed warrick :'( My friends and family tell me that im crazy for talking so much about CSI and GSR . Even my boyfriend laughs when I tell him that grissom is my 2nd husband lol. :)
3 .twixrtreats

Every second of every day I think about GSR!

I am very active on this site 24/7!

I have season 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 on dvd!

Everyday I go on "youtube" and watch GSR music videos and interviews!

I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed when Sara Sidle left CSI!!!!

People say I look a lot like Jorja Fox. I dress, act, and talk like her!

I have pictures of GSR all over my room. I have blood spatter on my walls, crime scene tape on my door, and a chalk body sketch on my wall!

I am an aspiring vegetarion because Jorja Fox is one!

I love butterflies because that represents GSR!

Tears were brought to my eyes when Grissom said his speech at Warrick's funeral!

I was balling when Sara read her goodbye letter aloud in episode "Goodbye and Goodluck"!!!

My friends always say "shut up" when I talk about CSI or GSR. But I still talk about it anyway!

I cant sleep at night when I know Grissom is going to leave the show soon!

I feel light headed when a day goes by without watching CSI!

I dream of Grissom and Sara getting married and living happily ever after. Later wake up and realilize that it was all pretend.

The Grissom Sara Romance did not end, It's only the beggining! Keep your faith, everybody!


CSIologist - CSI

CSIologist - CSI

CSIologist - CSI never ending
"They've got chemistry and he's a scientist"

CSIologist - CSI CSIologist - CSI

If I were to fly away would you die,
If I were to run away would you cry.
If you were to die,
How would I get my strength to fly.
If you were to cry,
I don't want to be the reason why.
My oh my, a butterfly. CSIologist - CSI
4. csisanders32 omg i am fully obsessed
- stomach aches when watching Greg Sanders
- Inmsomnia when i think about greg too much i get too exited and cant get to sleep
- i have csi seasons 1- 8 and cannot live without watching csi every day
- i have a CSI . Dna lab, csi ultimate book, csi fingerprinting kit, csi t-shirt, mug, cap, csi game, csi game on PC, Wii, PS2 and DS, 2 csi jigsaw puzzles and csi magazine issues 1 and 4.
- i try to talk about csi with my friends but they get bored really easilly and they call me to obsessed.
- allmost every thing i do i think what would Greg Sanders do.
- and every class at school i day dream about it and get in trouble from the teachers.
- i allways have to do good in science other wise i feel as tho i have let my inner csi down.
- i feel so good even if i have a bad dream about csi beacause i feel as tho i was talking to them.
- i was on school camp and it was gregs birthday i couldnt miss watching greg on his birthday so i took it to camp after the 2nd episode i watched all my friends left i i was there alone wetting my pantmy pants laughing at greg so much.

5. CSI-Richter -I have been a loyal purchaser from the CBS Store. I own all the shirts the CBS store sells that are CSI relat..... oh wait.... it looks like I missed that one. QUICK WHERES MY VISA CARD!? SOMEONE GET MY WALLET! I MUST HAVE THAT SHIRT!!!!!
-I own Approx 12 CSI shirts (mostly from CBS, a few from Vegas)
-I have all the seasons on DVD and have watched them all at least twice. Within the first 30 seconds of the episode, I have named the killer and how they did it (95% success rate!)
-I have 3 CSI mugs.
- 2 CSI Computer games
- I am in the process of designing a CSI themed SKIN for my laptop
-I had a CSI Themed skin on the front and back of my blackberry, until I got the new one, this site doesnt have my new blackberry model yet. BUT, I did get my CSI Email address with my blackberry. BDRichterCsiLV3@vzw.blackberry.net
CSIologist - CSICSIologist - CSI
- I have 2 decals on my car's rear window (see pics below) and a 3rd coming in the next week (I worked with a graphics team to custom design a fingerprint decal. Pics will be up soon when I receive it)
- I got custom CSI license plates in oregon from DMV. I had a custom license plate frame created as well. CSI LV3 (CSI Level 3). It was a dare from my coworkers when i was filling out paperwork for new license plates. "Hey, your so obsessed with CSI, get license plates." "GOOD IDEA!" so I did. I waited 10 weeks for them. It was the longest wait time EVER! Finally got the letter from DMV. APPROVED! (see pics below)
-When CSI is on my TV, you DO NOT touch the remote. The last person that did, well, lets just say they aren't sure where he disapeared to..... *evil laugh*
-My mom has refered to me as "Grissom". Her and I have come up with the term for all of Grissom's quirky sayings. We call them "Grissomisms", and when someone says something quirky, even in everday life, we look at each other and say "Grissomism"
- I had a tear at the end of "living doll"
-I am wearing a CSI shirt right now!
- I have CSI dog tags
- I bought a Nikon camera after seeing them in the episodes just so I could "take photos of stuff and make comments on how its arranged as if a struggle took place"
-I took forensics in High School, got the only A in a class of 40 on the "bloodspatter lab" and I learned it all from the show!!!!!
- I find myself bored at work some nights, I will tape lift fingerprints from the desk with packing tape.
- When I win the lottery, I want a Black GMC Denali with all the CSI extras!
- Is a CSI tattoo too much?
CSIologist - CSI

CSIologist - CSI

CSIologist - CSI

Vote for the most obsessed fan of the week!
(in the event of tie, I am the tie breaker)

voting closes every Saturday at 7-00 am EST

CSIologist - CSI
The Over-Obsessed Team!
(members that have won the most over-obsessed member of the week)





Panic at loss of power to computer terminal & Television.
CSIologist - CSI

Cold sweats when batteries in the remotes go, & i can't find new ones.

Nightmares at the paranoid thoughts of my CSI dvd collection will be stolen or hidden from me.
CSIologist - CSI
Body tremors if a CSI episode doesn't contain any GSR scene's

Sobbing, distraught, inconsolable after Goodbye and Good Luck
CSIologist - CSI

I come e.home from school
and I go right to this site
and I'm on it for hours
just talking.I draw
random pictures of CSI
crimes.I watch every
show even if I have
seen it tons of times.
I have a profile of nothing
but CSI i dont think i have anything else on there.
i just absolutely LOVE CSI
and my most favorite character is Catherine Willows and Gil Griss
CSIologist - CSI
Any movie they are in i LOVE it I LOVE Mr.Brooks cuz Marg was in it and there is another movie Marg was in that I LOVE it was Cowboys something or i know it had cowboys in the title it just slipped my mined, but CSI is my life i get called CSIrebel becuz im a southern girl who is in LOVE with CSI. I write fanfiction i hust dont have a fanfiction.com page yet, but i am getting 1.Since i'm a model now i am going 2 go and get the casts autograph and pout it on the site 4 yall. I will put a pic of me holding it with the cast if i ever get 2 meet them i hope i do i LOVE them they are the best casting crew ever andi only know those actors and actresses. I just cant get enough of them. they are funny they are dorks but they are awesome
CSIologist - CSI


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