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A page for us Canadian Fans of CSI!
Home of the 2010 Winter Olympics!

CSI for Canadian Fans - CSI

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CSI for Canadian fans - CSI
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CSI for Canadian fans - CSI

Where are you from

CSI for Canadian fans - CSI

Message to fellow Canadians
foxy-csi Edmonton, Alberta
edgmphz toronto ontaria hi you all have a great canada day
London, Ontario
CSI needs a Mountie! LOL.
sarasidle_gsr Toronto,Ontario CSI is love eh?
GSRftw Toronto, ONT. Thank god for Spike TV! & CTV :) Canadian CSI fans rock!

Ottawa, ON We love CSI here in the nations capital! CTV is the best :)

CTV rocks that is for sure nice to see a fellow Ottawaian! and Fellow Canadians!!!!!!!!
edgmphz Markham , Ont. Hi lets build oure page,
CSIROXZTHESOX Maple Ridge, B.C. B.C. Loves CSI!
Marg_Helgenberger_ Toronto, Ontario Toronto luvs CSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenna_Isaac Walpole Island, ON Canada Loves CSI!!! Eh???
csi-greg_fan Halifax, NS Canda NEEDS their own CSI show!!!!!
Quebec_Loves_CSI Québec, Québec Guelph, Ontario
Raine13Toronto, OntarioHello Fellow Canadians! =) Canada Loves CSI!

Canada's Favourite CSI Couples

When I first started watching CSI, I thought Grissom & Catherine had a little something going on.

When I first started watching, those two had some good chemistry.

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made by ssg-gsr
It's interesting to watch.

Favorite straight couple ever! all my friends are GSR fans to whoo!

Now they have some amazing chemistry! My favorite couple.

My favourite couple on television. They are the cutest geek couple I know! GSR=Love!

they are so cute together! my all time favorite t.v couple!!!! :) &hearts;

YAY! for GSR! I love them and I am so happy that Sara is coming back!

Loves GSR!!!! I love it it is my favourite t.v couple Ever!!!!! Yea!!!!!! Jenna_Isaac
CSI's best "ship" is GSR, Sara and grissom understnad each other better then anyone.CSIROXZTHESOX
The Love

Fan Art - CSI

This is my favorite other couple on csi, how cute are they, really? love em!

No other pairing can beat the Love! Subtext is everything!

They are absolutely adorable! You can't deny The Love!

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made by seadew

Yo!Bling is my second favorite couple. They have great chemistry and I just love them together!

This couple is amazing! I love Catherine and thinks she deserves to be happy and I think Warrick makes her happy!

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Canadian Discussion

If there was to be a Canadian CSI spin-off
what city would you like to see it take place in?

Maple ridge

  • Well i dont know why i guess it would be cool to have a CSI spin off in B.C!
  • and i guess B.C is well known across the world.
Quebec City

  • Would be fun seeing them wading in a pile of snow(=P), and because its my hometown. Also because its historical and this year they'res gonna be lots of tourists(its the 400th year since its been founded) BUT they're is one problem; There are practically no murders here(0 murders in 2007) .

  • Where else is there enough crime? (not dissing T.O!)
  • Toronto is known pretty much across the world, it would be the Canadian city for CSI.
Vancouver, B.C.

  • Because Vancouver is well known as being the Hollywood North. Many of the TV shows from the ''70 to the present are filmed here. Like The FBI Ex-Files to Stargate Atlantis to Battlestar Gallactica are filmed along with Hollywood Blockbuster films here in B.C. In towns small as Port Kells with just a corner store, hardware store, garage, volunteer fire dep; an Elementary school, one church, one room library and a town hall to a 2 million pop. city like Vancouver. It is easy to see why B.C. would be a perfect Province with towns & cities to have a canadian CSI spin off. We have everthing under the sun like Rivers, Lakes and a Ocean to low flat Valleys to large mountainous areas, from wet lands to Desserts to small lots to the largest ranches in the world. From a mainland to a large island to small gulf Islands as little as 20 feet in Diameter and even smaller.Rain, hot sunny weather in the high 80 and 90 ferenhiet to -40 celcius blissardz. This is truly Gods country...And CSI's too...

  • Because it my home town and I would love to see CSI's freezing their butts off or sweating their butts off to solve any crime in the "Peg" .


  • It's my home city AND the capital city!
  • There's a sequence. The original CSI is in Las Vegas which starts with L. The next spinoff started with M (Miami). The third one starts with N (New York). The next letter is O and that screams Ottawa for me

Maple Ridge B.C

I think it would be a great place to have a crime, it is a very small town and it would fit perfectly for an episode.

Halifax, NS
  • because Halifax is so cool
  • Downtown has a lot of Historic Properties mixed up with modern buildings
  • There's a lot of grassy places all over HRM that could be potential body dump sites for the show
  • We're one of the top 3 port cities in Canada (makes us important)
  • Nova Scotia LOVES Canada, but Canada doesn't seem to like us, we should get something for once
  • Halifax has a lot of filming going on in it
  • and most importantly, my friends and I have already planned a whole season complete with a two part season finale and some of the episodes are already written

If there was to be a Canadian CSI spin-off
what Canadian actors would you like to see play the CSIs?

Brett Butts (as a Brass like cop)

  • he's funny and probably would know where all the Tim Horton's were. - Winnipeg
Sonia Smits (as a Catherine CSI)

  • she beautiful, smart and talented. - Winnipeg
Nicholas Campbell ( as Grissom CSI)

  • he has an edge about him. - Winnipeg
Adam Beach (a fellow Winnipegger) as a Nick type character

  • now that he's free of L&O SVU - Winnipeg
Actor Brendan Fraser!! - as a Keppler, minus the dying off bit.

  • Eye candy is always a good thing!

Tell us your ideas of what's going to happen next or what you want to see.
Please sign your name afterwards! : )

I would like to see Sara(Jorja Fox) come back and I would also like to see something happen between Catherine & Nick or Warrik or even Grissom. Well no matter who was with whome there was allways Catherine and Grissom watching each others back. And there has been inocent flirtation between them since the begining. I Still though would Like sara to come back, because Grissom reall did love her. And no other woman has ever got so close to him, He really was hurt by her leaving, but Grissom has to be Grissom and the show must go on, excuse the pun there... He locks away his true fealings and pain to do his job...But every once and a while you can see the pain in his eyes...
SARA SIDLE COMES BACK! our whole csi cast at school has been ruined because of her departure, and grissom looks so sad all the time as well as greg. i really don't care all that much for Ronnie's character. please bring sara back to unite GSR again please!

I would really like to see them bring up the Brass story line a bit more. The writers keep looking like they intend to. He's become a lot more involved in scenes. Not just the guy who picks them up and interrogates them. But it never seems to happen.

Theres been a lot of back story suggestions with the Captain. It would be so fun to see it come up in a story line of some sort. Something a little more on going than one or two episodes.

- Gracie
I would like to see a GSR wedding scene. It doesn't have to be fancy. As long as there's a wedding and the team finds out about it somehow and is present, I'll be happy. I also wouldn't mind a Geekbaby XD!

- axelsonfire
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Bonjour! J'aime CSI beaucoup et je suis tellement anxieuse(?) pour la premiere.

- axelsonfire
Salut tout le monde fan de CSI. Ici, au Québec je suis la fan numéro de CSI et surtout de Greg;-)

- quebec_loves_CSI
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Did you know?

CSI is produced in partnership with
the Canadian media company Alliance Atlantis.

CSI for Canadian fans - CSI

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