CSI Roleplay

How to play:

1.Put your user name in the box next to your Role play character name.
2.You can not use any of existing characters (Grissom,Catherine,Warrick,Sara,Greg etc.)
3. But you can use them in the role play.
4.Your character should have a specialization in a field of forensic science or he/she could be a police department officer.
5.Every 7 days you will be given your shift and your new case.
6. You can apply for one of these: CSI lab rat (works in lab with Hodges and Wendy, hand outs computer analysis and makes them up), CSI level 1 (works in field with the rest of the team), detective (interrogates suspects and witnesses
,works with Brass)
7. No bad language!

8.No God modding!

c4u jaquelin mirramontes CSI1}detective swing
JFfan4life Natasha McTaylor Audio/Visual Analysis Swing
Temperance Meredith Jordan Ballistics Swing
[~kate~] Lise Avery DNA Analysis (CSI Level 1) Swing
GSRalltheway Sara Joy Ballistics Night
Macsgurl Ashley Brown Detective Night
Stackba39 Brigit Stack CSI, materials analysis or DNA. Swing
Leila_Sanders Sylvia Johnson DNA Analysis Night
twixrtreats Audrey Fox Blood Spatter (CSI) Night
GSR-4EVER Jorja Petersen Materials and element analysis (CSI) Night
Downhomecsifan Mandy Sidle CSI level 1 Night
Balistic8000 William Sanders CSI level 1 Night
CatherineWillowsFan Lindsay Stokes CSI level 1 Swing
RavingHatter Rhiannon Meadows Finger Print Analysis Swing
AdreniaMartin Jean Allerdyce CSI Level 1 Night
ChihiroUchiha Migoto Zetsumei CSI Level 1 Swing
romance1592 Williams CSI Level 1 Night
nicklove24 Jane Brown CSI Level 1 Swing
grillowsfan Tifanny Thomas CSI level 1,specializes in forensic anthropology Swing
ilovegilbertgrissom William Steppenwolf Lab Tech Night
Crime_Scene_Girl Katie Carter CSI Level 1 Swing
Nicks_Wifey_07 Marisol Stokes CSI Level 1 Specializes in Fingerprinting and Anthropology.
Jorjagrissom1 Ziva David CSI Level 1 Swing
axelsonfire Kaila Newberry Blood Spatter Analysis Swing
Olivia Grissom
Blood Splatter Analysis
csi>chic Lori Sparks CSI Level 1 Swing
beth2704 Beth Marshall Lab Rat (leave empty)
ratka Lisa Ratty Pathologist(coroner?) Swing
Caine007 James Caine CSI Level 1 Specializes in DNA and Drug Analysis Swing
emalien Rebecca Fyre CSI Level 1 Graveyard
csi:lv,m,nyFanatic Villia Athea Valo CSI Level 1 Swing

csi3queen Liz Watson Detective: Specializes in toxicology Graveyard
littlegem7 Stella Taylor CSI Level 1 Graveyard
tiggergirl19 tiggergirl stokes CSI level 1 Graveyard
thelightninginthesky Matthew Brown CSI level 1, specializes in Ballistics Swing
csiwillowsfreak samantha spade csi level 1 blood spater specialize NIGHT
GregsLabrat Cameron Sanders CSI level 1 specializes in DNA collection Graveyard
Wolffang1135 Ashlyn Wells CSI level 1 Swing
.x.Emma-Jade.x. Emma-Jade Kennedy-Eads <3 CSI Level 1 specializes in blood spatter and hair and fibres Swing <3 with cath nick and warrick
SigmaIII Sonic Foxley CSI Level 1 Lab Rat Swing
Nathas21na Aiden Wallace CSI Level 1

First case:

Swing Shift Night Shift~ Graveyard shift
Women was found dead in the local park. It seems that she's been stabbed multiple times. You had off to the crime scene with Cath, Warrcik and Nick. A girl has been reported missing 3 hours ago. She was last seen somewhere around her school. You need to investigate this case with Sara,Grissom and Sofia.

CSI role play site- csiroleplay.wikifoundry.com
For any other information PM grillowsfan