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601 | Bodies in Motion

Catherine: What kind of perverse game are you playing here Gil?
Grissom: I'm not a pervert!
Brass:Let me tell you my story. Once upon a time, you follow your husband to a trailer park. You see him slumming with his little trailer bunny. You waited for him to come out...
[Flashback to, trailer door opens, Robert Durgee steps out. Amber sits in her car watching him. He lights his cigarette, suddenly car lights glare at him and tires screech as the car surges toward him]

:When she pulls the body back in, before she can call for help, you torch the place. Kaboom. The end.
Amber Durgee
: That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.
[laughs]: Wouldn't even make my top ten.
Sara: (After Greg accidently splashes decomp into his mouth) Technically that makes you a cannibal. Grissom would be proud.
Greg: Grissom would have tasted it on purpose.
Sara:According to Clara James' father, Clara didn't eat Gooeybunz.She didn't like them which means it was either the killer or the male DB.
Greg:So we're looking for... bite marks?If we get a good impression maybe we'll get an ID through dental records.
Sara:You got it.
Greg:And the student becomes a master.
602 | Room Service

Greg:hey,I heard you guys are having trouble with the Julian Harper case.
Warrick:Who you'd hear that from?
Greg:Ecklie.He's putting me on it.
Nick:Man,you gotta quit kissing his ass.
(Greg is back in the lab.Nick and Warrick are walking up to him from behind,both talking loud enough for him to hear.)
Nick:I thought Greg was in the field.Is he back in the lab?
Warrick:I don't know.
Nick:We've got to clear this up.It's like he is confused.Lab,field,field,lab.We have a lab on wheels.
Greg:How about you guys just shut up, all right?i'm doing this as a favor for Ecklie.It's a one-time thing.He's still interviewing lab techs.
Warrick:You making overtime?
Greg:I'l taking one for the team.

603 | Bite Me

Greg:Hey.Back stairs.And, uh you might want to hug the wall.
(They turn and head for the house as Greg bags the other paramedics' shoes.He glances in the bag and takes a whiff of it.)
Greg:Whew!Did you ever hear of Odor Eaters?Never mind.
(Greg walks through the hallway when Henry Andrews stops him.)
Henry:Greg...Becky Lester has a BAL of .18.And I found trace amount of diazepam.
Henry:Hey,I heard the coroner found semen, so I tested for birth control.Estrogen and progesterone levels were piked.
Greg:Where did you hear about the coroner's findings?
Henry:Actually,I read the report.Maybe I don't want to be a toxicologist my whole life.I mean,you went from DNA to the field, and I guess you're kind of a role model to me.
Greg:A role model,huh?
henry:Yeah.By the way, where do you got your hair cut?

604 | Shooting Stars

605 | Gum Drops

606 | Secrets and Flies

607 | A Bullet Runs Through it Pt. 1

(Hodges and Bobby look at a gun found in an alley)
Bobby: So what do you think that is?
Hodges: Well it's not blood, it's not rust...
Bobby: Where did Grissom find that?
Hodges: In an alley off Third.
Bobby: Cause, see, those...those scrapes and gouges look like road rash. Like when you toss a gun out of a moving car.
Hodges: Oh, well, you'd be the one to know about rashes.

608 | A Bullet Runs Through it Pt. 2

(Greg is talking to Grissom about his findings on the cartridge cases he collected when Hodges walks in)
Hodges: Oh, hey Greg. Been on vacation? (To Grissom) Look, I know the undersherrif's on your back, so I figured I'd better get to you quick.
Grissom: Okay, you got to me.
Hodges: (Opens file) Found red clay chips and dust in the gouges on Ricardo Esteves' 45. He was the guy that was in the east alley with Brass.
Grissom: Red clay chips?
Hodges: Trace is consistent with roof tiles and clay pots.
Greg: Who keeps their gun in a clay pot?
Hodges: That would be..no one. (To Grissom) Trace evidence is fresh, so it definately came from the alley. In a crisis, you can always count on me.
Greg: Doesn't he bug you?
Grissom: No more so than anyone else around here.

609 | Dog Eat Dog

610 | Still Life

611 | Werewolves

612 | Daddy's Little Girl

Grissom: "Well in my experience I find that most threesomes end up being one too many."

613 | Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye

614 | Killer

615 | Pirates of the Third Reich

Greg: "Porno mags? Who throws away porno mags?..They are like collectibles!"

616 | Up in Smoke

617 | I Like to Watch

618 | The Unusual Suspect

619 | Spellbound

620 | Poppin' Tags

621 | Rashomama

Grissom: "Spring is but a song, where love and laughter are not wrong, the blossoms of desire do belong, and Harmonia axyridis fly along."
Sara: "So there we were at Cupid's Kiss, a nuptual neverland where the cheese factor was dangerously high and the flowers were obviously fake. Can the love be real when the flowers aren't?"
Grissom: "Did you know the original role of the bridesmaid was to act as a human shield against the bride's enemies?"
Sara: "Women would dress up similar to the bride in an effort to confuse and outsmart evil spirits that might try to over take her on her wedding day."
Nick: "Wow, for someone who's anti-wedding, you certainly know a lot about it."
Sara: "I'm not anti-wedding, I'm just anti-stupid; I mean people who do things for the sake of tradition, with no clue as to why."

622 | Time of Your Death

Grissom: I think fantasies are best kept private.
Catherine: They probably thought that they just taught him a lesson.
Grissom: They did: Don't confuse fantasy with reality.
Greg: Well, hush money or not, you have to admit that whole fantasy night thing was a pretty cool gift from a very generous boss.
(looks towards Grissom, who makes a face)

Sara (smirking): Greg, don't you have a birthday coming up?
Greg: Why, yes, Sara, I do.
Catherine: I'm thinking, ear-shredding rock, a beautiful model, boatloads of sushi and...latex.
Greg: Eh, that was last year.
Grissom: I think fantasies are best kept private. (Grissom looks at Sara)
(Nick comes in and they talk about the case a little)
Nick: The biggest fantasy here in Vegas is that everything happens by chance. Nothing here happens by chance. The odds are set before you even walk off the plane. (leaves)
Greg: You know, I'd settle for a birthday breakfast.
Catherine: Now, that is a fantasy.
Sara: Please tell me there are something more to this guys and cars thing, besides the obvious penis extension metaphors.
Greg: So you want me to lie?

623 | Bang-Bang

624 | Way to Go

Grissom: I don't know, most people want to die in their sleep i suppose, never know that it's happening. Like a crime scene, surprise, you're dead. I'd prefer to know in advance that i was gonna die. I'd like to be diagnosed with cancer actually, have some time to prepare. Go back to the rainforest one more time, re-read Moby-Dick, possibly enter an inter-national chess tournament. At least have enough time to say goodbye to the people i love.
(Sara walks in from the bathroom, wearing a silk robe)
Sara: I'm not ready to say goodbye.
(Greg is talking to Grissom about Captain Brass)
Greg: Just between you and me - does he always wear a suit? Like when you guys go to dinner, the movies, or whatever it is you do when you hang out? Cause I gotta tell ya - the though of him in a sweater? It kinda creeps me out.
Grissom: We don't hang out, Greg.
Nick: (Talking about the missing head of a decapitated DB) I'll find it.
Grissom: (Finds a toupee on the ground near the body) Hey, Nick?
Nick: Yeah?
Grissom: I think I found a toupee. Our vic may be bald.
Nick: Thanks, that will help me distinguish it from the other severed heads I find out here.
Grissom: (looking in the rifle of a gun) What is that?
Bobby: Well, Hodges will have to confirm, but I'm pretty certain it's cream of wheat.
Grissom: So he's a cereal killer?
Bobby: Snap, crackle and pop!

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