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CSI Quotes - Season 5 - CSISeason 5 Quotes
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501 | Viva Las Vegas

502 | Down the Drain

503 | Harvest

504 | Crow's Feet

(Grissom and Catherine are talking,about how she was involved in one of their cases)Grissom: We all live in glass houses,Catherine, you gotta be careful where you take your shower.
Brass walks past ; Catherine ... walks off again

505 | Swap Meet

Mia: I'll swab the nooks and crannies for semen, vaginal secretions and epithelial, but don't get your hopes up.
Greg: (cheerfully) Oh, my money's on bag number two.
Mia: (oh great) Twenty-six used condoms.
Greg: Just like being back in college, right?
Mia: Sara said you didn't lose your virginity until you were 22.
(The smile freezes on Greg's face. He changes the subject.)

Greg: Grissom and I figured that they practiced safe sex, so we processed their trash. Check them inside and out, please.
Mia: I've analyzed condoms before, Greg. Just not in bulk.

506 | What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?

507 | Formalities

508 | Ch-Ch-Changes

509 | Mea Culpa

510 | No Humans Involved

511 | Who Shot Sherlock?

Greg Sanders: So, are you going to say, "The game's afoot"?
Gil Grissom: I didn't know that you were a Conan Doyle fan, Greg.
Greg: I'm not. I saw a Sherlock Holmes movie once, by mistake.
Gil: Well just so you know, the movies never ended like this.
Captain Jim Brass: You know I think you oughta drop the accent.
Josh Frost: I can't. I'm English.
Captain Brass: Oh.

512 | Snakes

513 | Nesting Dolls

514 | Unbearable

515 | King Baby

Nick: (walks in) WOW! (looks at soothers) I wish I had this kind of stuff when I was a kid.
Grissom: You never had toys?
Nick: Well I had a soother but that was about it.
Warrick:Oh is that what that blue thing is hanging up in your locker?
Everyone: (laughs)
Grissom:(to Catherine) I have missed working with you Catherine!
Catherine: What part? the part where I yelled at you, or where I lost evidence or maybe you just miss me!
Grissom: I do miss you, i miss you passion, i miss your drive, I even miss your tush!
Catherine: (starts coughing on her drink) Uhh, ha thank you!
Brass: (walks up) did I miss the punch line?

516 | Big Middle

517 | Compulsion
Greg; Hey I only just got the call, where's Grissom?
Sara; In the Bathroom...
Greg ; ?
sara;Umm working the case...
Greg oh.... okay - .x.Emma-Jade.x.

Warrick Nick and Judy all stood in white sweaters in the garage
'The white sweaters you all look soooo adorable in' says catherine smiling are the same fabric as the bloody one.
the pipes are the same diameter as the woubds on ty's face i want each of you to take a whack at our victim.
Judy; it just like chuckie cheese , wack a mole.' every one smiles catherine laughs politely
Catherine; Okaay .. spatter up :) .x.Emma-Jade.x.

Vega; hey.. you owe me and apoligy..
Nick. .. Im sorry... you feel that way
(Nick walks off)
518 | Spark of Life

519 | 4x4

520 | Hollywood Brass

521 | Committed

522 | Weeping Willows

[Brass and Grissom are interviewing two house fumigators]
Grissom [to fumigators]: Does it ever bother you that you make your living killing insects
Grissom;Hey did you here about the monkey and the cop who walked into a bar?
Catherine; I'm not in the mood
Grissom;Neither was the monkey. .x.Emma-Jade.x.
Grissom; This is a 25 caliber
Doc. Robbins ; Disappointed?
Grissom; we just found a 22 in the vics car , it just rulled it out as the murder weapon.
Doc Robbins; So shoot me! ;)

523 | Iced

524 | Grave Danger Pt. 1

Walter Gordon: You know, I was under the impression that it was against departmental policy to negotiate with terrorists.
Grissom: Are you a terrorist?
Walter Gordon
: Depends. [Shines flashlight in Grissom's face] Are you terrified?
Grissom: Look, I really don't want to talk to you. Where is my guy?
Walter Gordon
: Oh, so he's "your guy", huh?
: Yes, he is. Where is he buried?
Walter Gordon
: Are you two close?
: That's none of your business.
Walter Gordon
: What does "Nick Stokes" mean to you? How do you feel when you see him in that coffin? Does your soul die every time you push that button? How do you feel knowing that there's nothing you can do to get him out of that hell? Helpless? Useless? Impotent?
[Grissom is silent.]

Walter Gordon
: Good. Welcome to my world. [Opens jacket, revealing Semtex strapped around him] Uh, if I were you, I'd back up a little.
[Grissom takes a step back.]

[Gordon blows himself up.]
Officer Michaels: Anonymous 911 caller reported body parts in this area. I rolled and found this.
[shows some insides in a bloody puddle]
Nick Stokes: Hm. Tasty.
Warrick Brown: You know, Tina doesn't like me carrying a gun. I play down the fact that I'm a cop when I'm with her anyway.
Nick Stokes: Yeah, yeah, you play the scientist card: You're a "copologist".

525 | Grave Danger Pt. 2

(Grissom sighs) (Grissom to Conrad Ecklie)I want my guys back.
(Conrad Ecklie sighs)
Nick looks up to see his dad and Dr. Robbins looking down at him.
Judge Stokes: [cheerfully] So, Doctor. How did my son die? Anaphylactic shock?
Dr. Al Robbins: No, no, he didn't live long enough for that. C.O.D. was asphyxiation. When the blood oxygen drops to less than 16% and the CO2 builds up, there's a rapid loss of consciousness. Death within minutes with no disfiguring physical findings.
Judge Stokes: He'll look great at the funeral.
Dr. Al Robbins: Oh, yes.
Judge Stokes: His mother will appreciate that.

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