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CSI Quotes - Season 12 - CSISeason 12 Quotes
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12.01 | 73 Seconds

12.02 | Tell-Tale Hearts

12.03 | Bittersweet

12.04 | Maid Man

12.05 | CSI Down

12.06 | Freaks & Geeks

12.07 | Brain Doe

12.08 | Crime After Crime

12.09 | Zippered

D.B.: "I tell my daughter every morning; if he wears a badge he's wrong for you."
Catherine: and what if your wife's father had said the same thing?"
D.B.: "Actually, he did."
D.B.: "Like a CB Radio on steroids."
Agent Pratt: "What's a CB Radio?"
D.B.: [glares]
Agent Pratt: "Gotcha!"
D.B.: "Find anything?"
Hodges: "Afraid not.."
D.B.: "OK."
Hodges: "No, no, no... a frayed knot.. a piece of string tied into a knot hung in the magazine and well... it was frayed."
D.B.: "Those are the stolen supplies you're talking about?"
Agent Pratt: "That's the problem we are here to fix."
D.B.: "How many are we talking about? Give me a number."
Agent Pratt: "144"
D.B.: "144 of these!! That's not a problem, that's a war zone."
Catherine: "We know he was shot in the kitchen, wrapped in a shower curtain and brought here."
Agent McQuad: "Where he was shot again... and again."
Hodges: "I think your wrong on that one."
Morgan: "I'm sorry?"
Hodges: "Oh, don't be sorry, just be wrong."
Catherine: "No body, no suspects, but if you're in the market for a murder weapon...pick one."
12.10 | Genetic Disorder

Doc Robbins: "I'm sorry for not believing you."
Judy: "I'm sorry for keeping secrets, I wanted it to be a surprise."
Doc Robbins: "You certainly did that."
Greg: "I have the motive for murder. Queue the banjo music."
Judy: "Al, we need to talk."
Doc Robbins: "Judy, I need to believe in you, in us. And if we talk and I'm not convinced, it will be gone."
Hodges: "I'm just saying when I play "Sexual Healing" its foreplay."
Greg: "Playing it for yourself doesn't count."
Brass: "You've got to prepare yourself; it's only going to get worse."
Doc Robbins: "You need to prepare yourself to be wrong. You past is clouding your judgment and I expect more than that from you."
Brass: "A cheating wife and her dead lover, do you see something I don't?"
Greg: "Yeah, a crime scene that has yet to be processed."
12.11 | Ms. Willows Regrets

DB: "I know your "law degree" is telling you we don't have enough to make a case. My "common sense degree" is telling me at some point someone is going to come forward, and for your sake sooner would be better."
DB: "Are you ok?"
Catherine: "I'll live."
Morgan: "We are talking about a 45 minute window."
Sara: "Russell said the hit was professional, clean up professional too."
Morgan: "Who are these guys?"

12.12 | Willows In The Wind

Laura: "You would rather accept the life you have, than risk the life you want."
Catherine: "That went well."
Pratt: "I hope."
Catherine: "Let's just hope he's not as smart as he think he is."
Catherine: "Who's pulling the strings? It has to be someone in his organization."
Sarah: "I'm going with Occam's Razor. Sometimes the simplest answer is often the right answer."
DB: Y"ou alright?"
Catherine: "Considering I've been shot and cauterized by a hooker's curling iron, I guess."
Catherine: "You may not be getting that back."
Jack: "Darlin' the way your handling that piece, I bet I will."
DB: "What tipped you off?"
Ms Kitty: "Honey, in that neighborhood, the only suit a man wears under a trench coat is his birthday suit."
Brass: "This is your crime scene, but this is my call."
12.13 | Tressed To Kill

Russell: What do you think two dead young women?
Brass: and your muse is a dead ringer.
Russell: He's taking his time, savoring it.
Sarah: He's getting more confident.
Russell: Which means, he's getting harder to catch.
Sheriff: I've got enough problems, this one - you need to solve." [walks out]
Brass: I think she was looking at you when she said that."
Russell: Yeah, right."
Brass: "Sick bastard took her eyes, why?"
Russell: "The hell with why, I want to know who."
Russell: "Bottom line, some creep took your hair, don't let him mess with your head."
Russell: "Have any of the girls seen anything?"
Brass: "So far no."
Russell: "This guy's a ghost."
12.14 | Seeing Red

Russell: "Hey! Nobody calls me Diebenkorn around here, it's DB!"
Julie: "Hmmm" [smiles]
Julie: "I think Juan may have pulled the trigger, but I don't think he was the trigger."
Russell: "It's a little Zen."
Nick: "looks like a partial palm print. It kinds looks like what happens in Las Vegas, stay on Las Vegas."
Julie: "We need a safe word for when that Zen crap starts."
Russell: "Pick one."
Julie: "Ok, how about "Stop" - will that work?"
Julie: "Think you're getting kind of forgetful. Must be all that "zen master - living in the moment stuff."
Russell: [smiles] "Yeah."
Russell: "Wish me luck."
Henry: "Where you going?
Russell: "We need a blood-whisperer."
12.15 | Stealing Home

Finn: "Cause of Death "Terminal Stupidity."
DB: "Cause of Death "Karma". Guy steals house, house kills guy."
Finn: "Red shoes."
DB: "I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."
Hodges: "Housezilla left quite a path of destruction."
Greg: "I heard you worked with Finn in Seattle?"
DB: "Yeah, yeah, you heard right."
Greg: "Rumors are that you fired her."
DB: "Right again."
Hodges: "528, that's the right address."
Nick: "As opposed to the other houses that were stolen last night?"
Sarah: "Your saying when you went to work last night your wife was in the house and now they are both missing?"
Dwayne: "Yes, that is what I'm trying to tell you people!"
Nick: "Think someone was after the house of the wife?"
12.16 | CSI Unplugged

Finn: "How do you do it?"
DB: "Do what?"
Finn: "Never lose faith."
DB: "Some things I hide better than you do."

DB: "What are you going to do, make your son pay for your sins."
Finn: "What are you doing out here? Communing with the stars?"
DB: "My phone is communing with the charger."
DB: "I'll have Morgan call maintenance."
Hodges: "She might dial the phone a little faster if you omit the part about me being in here."
DB: "What, are you guys in high school?"
Finn: "You know the rule, if we don't find this in 3 hours, he's dead."
DB: "IF the lights don't come back on, we'll find the kid in the dark."
Hodges: "What part of "Hold the door" did you not understand?"
Henry: "I understood all of it."
12.17 | Trends With Benefits

Finn: "The bastard is going to do it to another girl."
DB: "We take our victims as they come."
DB: "I hate it when a suspect blows a hole in a perfectly good theory."
Nick: "Professor Laudner?"
DB: "Ah, Professor Laudner, thanks for coming down."
Professor: "Didn't seem like I had a choice."
DB: "You didn't, have a seat."
DB: "Help us out, give us what we need to rule you out and these pictures will get buried in the evidence vault. [looks at Brass] We can do that right?"
Brass: "Yeah."
Greg: "It's Pete's phone."
Nick: "Think this is Pete's killer?"
Greg: [holds up phone] "I think we got a strong connection."
DB: "Maybe someone pushed this kid over the edge."
12.18 | Malice In Wonderland

12.19 |

12.20 | Altered Stakes

12.21 |

12.22 |

12.23 |

12.24 |

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