CSI Party!

Fireworks The Ultimate
CSI Party!

This Idea started out as a thread,
but we've decided to try and make it
really happen!

'It would be really cool, if there was this huge CSI Party put on by the show!

All the actors, writers, producers, crew, cast , FANS would be there.
& they would have mini CSI crime scenes to solve. Some super cool CSI give-aways!
You could hang out with your favourite actors! & the whole party would be CSI themed, & aww it would be way too cool!'

CSI Party! - CSI

You could be dancing with these lovely people
An example of a
CSI Party!
CSI 100th episode party

This is like, totally random

CSI Party! - CSICSI Party! - CSICSI Party! - CSIFireworks

Check out this cool CSI birthday themed party!

balloonWe plan to send a letter to the CSI crew, CBS & all the people involved in CSI, asking for this great CSI Party.
It could be a Goodbye to CSI Party, when the time comes, hopefully it doesn't!

Have Ideas for the CSI Party?
Let us know about it, reply to this thread!

A CSI party cakes!

Made for grillowsfan's b-day by her mum =P
grillowsfan's b-day/party cake

Made by grillowsfan's mum for her name day
CSI Party! - CSI
p.s. Vote for better cake on grillowsfan's profile

CSI Season 8 cake from rclovescsi's season 8 party! And, if you are wondering why Grissom's head is off and Sara's body, check my profile! :)

CSI season 8 party cake!

Rclovescsi's birthday cake. If you can't read it, it says "Concentrate on what cannot lie, the birthday cake!"
CSI cake

Kathe's b-day cake =)
kathe's b-day cake

Would you like a CSI Party?



Willing to fly from
csinut Because CSI Rocks and it would be the most amazing party ever. South Wales, UK
fluffybex1 Hmmm what can i say? Oh yeah, cos it would be fanbrasstastic.. Heehee!! Wouldn't it be great to meet our fav characters In Person!! Bristol, UK
GregsLabrat Because I love CSI, want to be a CSI myself, want to meet Eric Szmanda SO BADLY! and...well, because CSI rocks my world. Plus, any party that Eric Szmanda attends has to be the best party in town.
danny'sgirl27 Because CSI is the best show ever and you would have a chance to see your idols and hot guys of course!!!:)
Bear_is_the_best Since CSI: is the best show on tv, and I also want to be a CSI: myself and meet the cast of the show and it would be awesome to get cool stuff and solve pretend crime scenes too!
CSIDunne Because as a CSI fan it would be absolutely fabulous to be at a party with the cast and to meet the cast and really feel as if you were part of the show.And it's a fantasy of mine to talk to the cast about my favourite episodes and to ask them about their favourite episodes.
Nicks_Wifey_07 Omg!! First Of All : NICK (in a tux!!!) :) And Second Of All: I Would LOVE To meet the cast!! Omg It Would Be A Dream Come True Bridgeport, CT
gSrgeek333 Hmmmm....let me think about this...Getting to meet, in person no less, the people who have been portraying my favorite tv characters for years...solving crimes with them...and did someone just maybe mention the worg "Party"?How quickly can I say YES?!?!?!
Viggorrah It would be the best party of the century!!! All the fans getting to meet their favorite actors and actresses and talk about the characters they portray and just the show in general. What's not to love? ;) San Antonio, TX
gilgrissomlover Cuz first of all, I'd get to meet the whole cast of CSI! *OMG*
Second I'd get to meet all of you on this wiki in person! *OMG*
Third it would be completely AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Oh! I have an idea... If the party happens, then when we all are there we get ID cards that say our username for this wiki! And then at the entrance; to get our ID cards we'd have to "sign in" on a computer using your password! But of course CSI fans that aren't on this wiki can still g to the party... : P
Hamlin, NY
phaedon reason i like csi:its existence Thessaloniki,TH,Greece
(just jocking i won't fly from over here just for the csi party)
sammiexxx It would be like the best party ever and meeting all the cast would be so good especially the man himself GRISSOM WOW!! Manchester, uk
belovedeyes82 It would be fun to get to meet everyone. As well as enjoy food, drinks etc... California
gsr4ever13 Why else would anyone not want to have a CSI party.I would do anything to meet the cast. Any major CSI fan would want to have a chance to meet all their friends.I mean then you could actually make even better friendships.Plus I just want to meet Grissom and the team. Let's PARTE! Houston.TX
xyz1128csi i would die to meet the cast omg who wouldn't want to meet them all. especially jorja fox they all rock if i had 1 wish it would be to meet the cast do ya its like a dream come true .
reichs3 OMG, it would be awesome. We would all get to meet our fav. characters. I think I would die if I meet jorja fox. it's a great idea
cathgil because it would be so awesome, and i would love to meet jorja fox and the other cast members, plus meet other csi fans. Minnesota
Sidle-Idol I would love to meet Jorja, Billy, Eric, Marg, George and Gary! I would jump on a airplane to America and have the time of my life! Netherlands
grillowsfan I would LOVE like trillion times to have a CSI party.Bex,Nutz and I already have it on this site but like REAL CSI party?
kathe OMG,of course I would like to have a CSI party because I would meet the CSI cast-which is like,OMG,one of my biggest dreams(especially Marg Helgenberger-I admire her) and I would meet all the fans that I'm talking on this wiki which is like OMG too.That would be so cool... Split,Croatia
emalien First, i'd like it to be in Crystal lake, IL, because that's where I live and my parents don't want to fly anywhere. And it would be so awesome to meet the cast of CSI (and dance with them too)! OMG, I would probably either a) crap my pants b)have a heart attack or c) explode altogether.
twixrtreats For one, CSI is the most amazing television series on the air for sure!!!! Also it would mean the WORLD to me if I could meet the cast in person!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY MY FAVORITE ACTRESS, JORJA FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chicago, IL
Sarralyn We'd be able to meet the great people behind the characters we've grown up admiring. Because watching CSI made me realize (in it's own way) that being a geeky science girl isn't all that bad. I doubt that this party will ever happen, but it's a nice dream. For me, it would be a dream come true to be able to just look at a few of the cast members. Especially Marg Helgenberger, who has come to be not just a favorite actress of mine, but someone whom I admire for the type of person she is off the camera. Cold boring hicktown, Minnesota
1gilbertsangel Yeah a CSI party! I want to meet the CSI team especially Billy Peterson. I have told a few that I work for CSI. I have a tshirt and cap. I have the DVDs and the games. Give a chance for us to solve a case. GREAT fun and have prizes. I have a crush on Grisssom but almost called myself Grissoms1girl.
I admire Catherine too.

Csi<3 I think we should have a csi party is because we have watched them for so long and they should have something to appreciate us watchin it and stickin with them. && CSI Rocks!!I Love It. Canada
foxy-csi Having a CSI party would just be awesome. Meeting the cast of CSI and meeting other CSI fans and having fun! Oh yes, I'm totally there. Canada
Sara_GSR_Grissom What a fabulous idea!! It would be so much fun for the fans to meet their hero's; the CSI cast! to shake their hand; maybe a hug and autograph! my life would be complete! But where? Vegas? i couldn't go then! depends where, but i'd try my best to come!! New York,

csi party
Sarauk56 That would be the Party of all Parties,,It would be my dream come true to meet Billy and Jorja and all the cast, crew, writers and producers, and of course all the fans! Warwickshire,UK.
csibrat I think that a party would be the greatest thing ever!! Meeting the cast and the fans would be great because there would be people that like the show as much as I do cause my family thinks that I am obsessed with the show. Las Vegas, NV
I would so go!!!!!! I would die to meet the cast, the writers, everyone that had a hand in the show. I hope that the chast members that are leaving the show are invited to the partyias well. the great US of A
csicatgirl WOOHOO PARTY TIME. and most of all meeting jorja fox and billy petersen tell me when and where and I'll be there. AMSTERDAM, NL.
Nickystokesfan319 I think it would be awesome to have a party. i would love to meet the cast especially eric Szmanda and george eads!! i love the idea and i really hope that it works out. it would be so awesome to meet the whole cast.
SsGg4_eVeRxO Lets c , we would get to meet the CSI's that play the roles that we all love so much. and not jusat fake dress-up ppl the real thing so i would soooooooo go like i would not care if i had to cross the sea w/onun over the moon and back duhh.... this is a rele cool idea!!! New York,
New York City
Leila_Sanders CSI is one of the most amazing shows on tv. It is the top rated drama and has been going for eight years. I am a big William Petersen fan, I've seen and even own a few of his movies. I am also a huge Eric Szmanda fan. He is an amazing actor, they couldn't pick anyone better to play Greg Sanders. The whole cast works together so well, it'll be sad to think of watching the show without any of them. First Jorja left, than Gary, now Billy. I'm just happy the show lasted as long as it did. Hopefully we get one more show with the entire cast together at least one last time before Billy leaves.
Getting to meet the actors of the characters that we've known and grown to love is a fantastic idea. I would love to meet them at least once.
Ohio, USA
nicklove5 OMG! I would love to meet the cast . I think it would be a great idea to be able to hang out w/ everybody bc there all amazing! Ohio.USA
rclovescsi WHY?? Because it would be the most AMAZING PARTY EVER!!! Not only would it be a CSI party, the CAST would be there! That would be the most amazing moment that could ever happen!And, we could show the cast how much we really love the show!! Nova Scotia, Canada
abbylynne14 i would love it!!! i'd meet the cast. I've had a crush on all the guys at one point. and to meet them would be awesome. Im 15 and have already decided that i want to be a Criminalist after college. i know it's nothing like what they do in the show but i still think it'll be great. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
escort_luv i would love to go and meet every one that Ive been chatting with and having a good time and maybe meet liev schriber long island new york
butterflied412 I would love a csi party, even if it was just a bunch of fans getting together. Baltimore, MD
cathrinefan it would be so much fun and i would tell my mom anything just to go so i could eet the cast and a lot of the ppl i talk 2 on here. It would be a great thing cuz of how obsessed we all r and we would all have an autograph from all of them. Mulberry, Fl
melissadagr8 It would be a dream come true to meet all of the wonderful people who play characters in CSI. Plus meet all you guys from the Wiki :) Melbourne, Australia
(Provided I could scrounge up the money)
Bailums810 It would be awesome to meet the cast and to talk to others who love the show as much as I do! Kansas
csiroxoutloud916 I would get to talk to my favorite people, the people who make CSI possible! And, I mean, who doesn't love a great party? I would be willing to fly from anywhere!
PeopleLuvr CSI is awesome!!!!!!!! The cake would be soo fantastic and the theme is already set! I go where the party goes. XD
ILovecsi!<3 Soo Many reasons! 1.) i love csi wth all my heart ! :) 2.) i would get to meet my idol Marg Helgenberger and i love george eads soo much he is fit! ;) <3 i i would love to meet william petersen but he has left :( the same with gary dourdan also i think eric is amazing :) and jorja is awesome! and last but not least i think robert david hall and david berman are adorable! :P and last of all it would be the best thing ever better than any thing i have ever done in my whole life !! <3 <3 <3 p.s i love the cakes :) x Any where but i live in england
capt_brass i love CSi at the first look...i dont know why but it leave to me a love that i will never forget. i love CSI.and i love Brass.he's my favorite char not only in csi but also all of the films i have seen.but i also love the others .Catherine,Nick,Greg,Sara,Dr,Phillip,Hodges,
Grissom,Warrick,Wendy.....Ray....they're CSI family.nothing can replace them in my heart.csi is one of my most important thing of my life.i dont know how can i live without it.i love CSI forever..and you too ???!!!!!!
any where.......

CSI Party! - CSI

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