CSI Night Shift Nutters!

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CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

Hello and Welcome to the weird and wacky world of the

Night Shift Nutters!

This page is for all of you who have a sense of humor and would like to use it to relax, have fun and a bit of a laugh once in a while!

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

Please read the creators note/warning at the foot of the page!
Please be mindful that young children maybe visiting the site, so please don't include any adult content either on the page or in the threads. Innuendo is acceptable, but offensive & foul language, being disrespectful to other members or any particualr CSI character from the show will not be acceptable. Also remember members are here to have purely fun only, any serious discussions about CSI in general should be kept to other pages and threads on the site. - Thank you!


Purpose of the page!

This page idea came from the thread The bat Cave where one night i had an absolutely hilarious time with some members of the site fantasizing about members being stuck in a pitch black cave withcharacters of the CSI Night Shift Team past and present. So this page is for all members who wish to participate in future such funny entertaining threads.

Here are a few of my own suggestions for possible future locations of the fantasy meetings to give you all an idea of what we are looking for!

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI
Captain Jim Brass' Office Doc Robbin's Morgue Henry's Tox Lab
CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI
An Occult Shop A Loft Grissom's Office

The table below is for members to suggest new locations for the Fantasy meetings threads in the future. Add your User-name, your suggestion and an appropriate picture if you have one, then someone will choose a location to start a new thread below.

Suggestions table here

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CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI


CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

That's me grabbing Grissom & taking him to the
hidden room in the Amazing Zephyrs house!!!
CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

Interrogation room... Brass interrogating Bex...
Nic and Grissom watching behind the glass...
Me and Love with Greg in the break room...

phaedon id=

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI
Grissom's office...Grissom trying is chasing McKeen around the table to make him eat the chocolate cockroaches...McKeen says "no thanks" and Grissom takes this as an insult and tries to hit him with Mrs Piggy...Warrick gets ot from one of Grissom's drawers and chases McKeen down with the chocolate cockroaches

Sex Hat

In the morgue poking dead people!
CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI
Inside one of the LVPD Crime lab County issued Denali's or Yukon's! Tight squeeze guys make sure you all shower first!

Credit love_gsr


Ooh James how many times do i have to tell you, not to keep my bra's in your desk..
phaedon id= phaedon At the ballistics lab.Eclie is trapped inside the shooting chamber but nobody can see him so they keep test-shooting.Muhahaha !
CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI cathrinefan Greg really is the master of DNA. He put his in me multiple times and he is the master
CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI
CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

CSI Night Shift Nutters! - CSI

Creators note/warning!; This page is for the sole purpose of humor and fun for everyone only. There is no intention meant to upset or create any kind of conflict with any member of this wiki what so ever. However some members may take offense to some of the material/content being discussed in the threads connected with the page, or some of the suggestions made by the members on the page. If you are not happy or upset with anything connected with the page please private message - gsrbritfan or csinut who will be only too glad to discuss and sort the matter out ASAP.

Have Fun be Happy!

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