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GRISSOM: "I think fantasies are best kept private..."
...WE DON'T!!

CSI Fantasy Team - CSISo, season 8 is over and I'm pretty sure most of us will be pulling out the box sets and creating our own marathons of CSI goodness but have you had your own fantasy for the team? No I don't mean THOSE fantasies ;D I mean adding other people into the mix!
Why not switch Hodges for someone who could be less of an ass kiss?
Nick for someone less...Texan?
Grissom for someone who won't stick maggot larvae in your fridge?

Anyway, enough of my advertising campaign...to the point!
You can pick from anyone you wish including celebrities, sports personality, a musician, TV or movie character or perhaps a cartoon character? Well here's your chance to create a CSI fantasy team, who you choose is entirely up to you, they can be dead or alive.
All you have to do is click EasyEdit and add a list of who you'd love to see in your team, they can be either a serious team, a funny team or why not make both? It's your fantasy!

If that's not enough, we're going to compile the list to make an ultimate CSI Wiki Fantasy Team!


While you're at it...
Make it stand out, choose different fonts
Be creative and give them your own positions, who would be Grissom? What about Nick?
Please keep to the page outline but you can add more members if you wish, don't go crazy though!
Don't center the writing in the boxes! It makes the page look scruffy :P
Stick to the colours used please
Why not leave a sentence on why you'd love to see that particular team together?
Leave your screen name afterwards and remember...
...have fun!

CSI Team

Note: Please do not edit the tables etc in any way except to add your fantasy team!
You might ruin someone else's!

Help us to create a Serious & Funny Fantasy CSI team!

Serious Team
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melissadagr8 1. Mr Spock (Star Trek) - Grissom
2. Archie Kennedy (Hornblower) - Nick
3. Horatio Hornblower
4. Tony Robbinson
5. Sam Neil
6. Dr Who
7. Spoon man (Triple M)
My teams weren't really made to suit a particular CSI character however I have given some characters.
BeckyCSI 1. Grissom Will Graham (Manhunter)
2. Warrick – Denzel Washington
3. Sara – Kate Beckinsale
4. Nick – Nicholas Angel (Hot Fuzz)
5. Catherine – Milla Jovovich
6. Greg – Matt Skiba
7. Brass – James Bond
8. Doc Robbins – Dr. Gregory House
9. Hodges – Dr. Cox (Scrubs)
10. Ecklie – Lex Luther
Okay, admittedly some of these are kinda stupid but could you imagine the team dynamic?!
gsrbritfan 1. Sean Connery as Grissom
2. Edward Norton as Nick
3. Samuel L Jackson as Warrick
4. Billy Idol as Greg
5. Sharon Stone as Catherine
6. Demi Moore as Sara
7. Donald Sutherland as Ecklie
8. Robson Green as Brass
9. Anthony Hopkins as Doc Robbins
10. Sean Penn as David Hodges
This team would be a pretty serious team to mess with, and besides i could just see Billy Idol singing the theme tune!
1. George Clooney as Gil
2. Kate Bosworth as Catherine
3. Brad Pitt as Nick
4. Denzel Washington as Warrick
5. Adriana Lima as Sara
6. Zak Efron as Greg
7. Alan Rickman as Ecklie
8. Danny Devito as Brass
How would you discribe my team? Hotty hot hot! Especially new Grissom: Ouch!Well I need to apologize to Brass lovers- Denny Devito-a-a. But I think everybody else is smockin'! hehe

1. Einstein as Gil
2. Diane Lane as Catherine
3. Brad Pitt as Nick
4. Laurence Fishbourne as Warrick
5. Mariska Hargitay as Sara
6. Zac Efron as Greg
7. Harrison Ford as Ecklie
8. Danny Devito as Brass
9. Anthony Hopkins as Doc Robbins

gsrshipper4ever 1. Isaac Newton as Grissom
2. Naomi Watts as Catherine
3. Johnny Depp as Nick
4. Chris Rock as Warrick
5. Chris Evans as Greg
6. Jennifer Garner as Sara
7. Bruce Willis as Brass
8. Nicholas Cage as Ecklie

CSI_Perry 1. Grissom : Robert DeNiro
2. Catherine : Amy Adams
3. Warrick : Don Cheadle
4. Nick : Rob Lowe
5. Greg : Matt Dillon
6. Sara : Ellen Page
7. Brass : Robin Williams
8. Ecklie : Charlie Sheen

1. Grissom: Hugh Laurie
2. Catherine: Helena Bohem Carter
3. Warrick: Chris Rock
4. Nick: Rupert Grint
5. Greg: Eric Szmanda
6. Archie: Dominic Monaghan
7. Dr.Al Robbins: Orlando Bloom
8. Sara: Emma Watson
9. Hodges: Elijah Wood
10. Ecklie: Terry O'Quinn
11. Brass: Robin Williams

csi_mania 1. Grissom : Simon Cowell
2. Catherine : Lisa Cuddy (HOUSE)
3. Warrick : LeBron James
4. Nick : Orlando Bloom (!!)
5. Sara : Kate Austen (LOST)
6. Greg : Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
7. Brass : Zinedine Zidane (??!)
8. Doc. Robbins : Richard Webber (Grey's)
9. Hodges : Ben Stiller

kathe 1. Michelle Pfiefer as Catherine
2. Cuba Gooding Jr. as Warrick
3. Sasha Mitchell as Nick
4. Elizabeth Hurley as Sara
5. Dean Collins as Greg
6. Clint Eastwood as Doc Robins

(Artemis Fowl book series)
1. Artemis Fowl as Gil Grissom (though Grissom obviously never used to be evil)
2. Holly Short as Sara Sidle
3. Mulch Diggums as Greg Sanders
4. Ark Sool as Conrad Ecklie (DIE, both of you, DIE!)
5. Trouble Kelp as Nick Stokes
6. Foaly as Archie Johnson
7. Commander Julius Root as Jim Brass (fortunately, Brass isn't dead)
8. Juliet Butler as Catherine Willows
9. Domovoi Butler as Warrick Brown
10. Briar Cudgeon as David Hodges
11. Beau Paradizo as David Phillips
I missed out on a couple people because I couldn't find a good character for them. And this isn't part of my team but it seemed fitting:

- Opal Koboi as Natalie Davis

My super-kick butt CSI/Naruto team!
1. Grissom - Shino Aburame
2. Sara - Hinata Hyuga
3. Nick - Rock Lee
4. Warrick - Kiba Inuzuka
5. Catherine - Tsunade
6. Greg - Obito
7. Doc Robbins - Sarutobi, the third hokage
8. Super Dave - Might Guy
9. Ecklie - Orochimaru
10. Hodges - Kabuto
11. Wendy - Tenten
12. Mandy - Temarii
13. Brass - Kankuro
A little drawing crossover project I'm working on, will post on my profile when complete! :)
1. Marg Helgenberger as Catherine still
2. George Clooney as Grissom
3. Chris Rock as Warrick
4. Brad Pitt as Nick
5. Zac Efron as Greg
IDK on the rest i only know a few actors/actresses

Butterflied419 1. Drew Carey as Gil Grissom
2. Ellen DeGeneres as Catherine Willows
3. Johnny Bravo as Warrick Brown
4. John Smith (Pocahontas) as Nick Stokes
5. Marilyn Manson as Sara Sidle
6. Fat Albert as Greg Sanders
7. Clay Aiken as Jim Brass
8. Jack Black as Dr. Albert Robbins
9. Celine Dion as Conrad Ecklie

Leeyann 1. Grissom: George Bush
2. Catherine: Condoleezza Rice
3. Warrick: Bill Clinton
4. Nick: Colin Powell
5. Sara: Hillary Clinton
6. Greg: Barack Obama
7. Hodges: Ken Starr
8. Jim: Karl Rove
9. Doc Robbins: Ted Kennedy
10. SuperDave: Tony Blair
11. Ecklie: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The Fantasy Team From He**!!
GrungexXxManiac 1. Grissom: Billy Connolly
2. Greg: Dave Grohl
3. Warrik: O. T. Fagbenle
4. Nick: Tom Cruise
5. Sara: Courtney Cox
6. Catherine: Billie Piper
7. Doc Robbins: Peter Kay

Nickystokesfan319 1. Grissom - George Clooney
2. Catherine - Julia Roberts
3. Warrick - Laurence Fishburne
4. Nick - Brad Pitt
5. Greg - Keanu Reeves
6. Sara - Carrie-Anne Moss

1gilbertsangel 1-Grissom-Gregory House MD
2-Catherine-Lisa Cudd7
3-Warrick-Eric Foreman
4-Nick-James Wilson MD
5-Sara Sidle-Allison Cameron
6-Greg-Robert Chase
7-Doc Robbins-Quincy, ME
House has been on starting Season Five. It's up there to me like CSI. And it's in the Medical Field. CSI is a science combining medical, law enforcement. The CSI team should have some medical knowledge. IF the teams could pull a switch of the characters for one episode. Wonder how it would be? House has great reviews almost as great as CSI.


Username Funny Team Why?
melissadagr8 1. Alan Alda
2. Mr Bean
3. Baldrick (Blackadder)
4. Hugh Laurie
5. Garfield
6. Andrew Hanson (Chasers WAR on Everything)

BeckyCSI 1. Grissom Colin Mochrie
2. Warrick – Bruce (Bruce Almighty)
3. Sara – Dora the Explora
4. Nick – Spider Man
5. Catherine – Miss Piggy
6. Greg – Ryan Stiles
7. Brass – Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men)
8. Doc Robbins – Forrest Gump
9. Hodges – Stewie Griffin
10. Ecklie – Sideshow Bob (Without hair XD)
Believe me, this would just be hilarious.
gsrbritfan 1. 007 'Licence to thrill' James Bond as Grissom
2. John Wayne as Nick
3. Yogi bear as Warrick
4. Ozzy Osborne as Greg
5. Jessica Rabbit as Catherine
6. Lara Croft as Sara
7. Elmer Fud as Ecklie
8. The thing (Fantastic four) as Brass
9. Sweeney Todd as Doc Robbins.
10. Lurch as David Phillips.
I think my chosen team would be funny as hell, i can just see 007 and Lara Croft getting it on! and what about Jessica Rabbit and Yogi bear?
grillowsfan 1. Rocky Balboa as Gil
2. Anita Barone as Catherine
3. Santa Claus as Doc Al
4. Shrek as Brass
5. Michael Rapaport as Ecklie
6. Fran Drescher as Sara
This is hilarious! I think Rocky would've squeeze Fran for just holding her!
1. Austin Powers as Gil
2. Fook Mi as Catherine
3. Number 2 as Nick
4. Foxxy Cleopatra as Warrick (hahaha)
5. Fook Yu as Sara
6. Mini-Me as Greg
7. Scott Evil as Ecklie
8. Fat Bastard as Brass
9. Bazil as Doc Robbins
P.S - This Was meant to be the characters in Austin Powers: Goldmember lol
gsrshipper4ever 1. Ralph Fiennes as Grissom
2. Avril Lavigne as Catherine
3. Ben Affleck as Nick
4. Taye Diggs as Warrick
5. Jennifer Lopez as Sara
6. Harry Potter as Greg
7. Pierce Brosnan as Brass
8. Patrick Dempsey as Ecklie

CSI_Perry 1. Grissom : Peter Griffin
2. Catherine : Paula Abdul
3. Warrick : Norbit Rice (From Norbit)
4. Nick : Matt Foley - Motivational Speaker (Saturday Night Live fans will know what I mean)
5. Greg : Justin Timberlake
6. Sara : Tila Tequila
7. Brass : Danny Devito
8. Ecklie : Adam Sandler

GregsLabrat 1. Grissom: Albus Dumbledore
2. Catherine: Minerva McGonagall
3. Warrick: Fred Weasley
4. Nick: George Weasley
5. Greg: Ron Wealsey
6. Archie: Harry Potter
7. Dr. Al Robbins: RJ Lupin
8. Sara: Hermione Granger
9. Hodges: Draco Malfoy
10. Ecklie: Severus Snape
11. Brass: Hagrid

csi_mania 1. Grissom : Peter Parker (Spiderman)
2. Catherine :Kim Possible
3. Warrick : Daffy Duck
4. Nick : Chandler Bing (FRIENDS)
5. Sara : XENA The Warrior Princess
6. Greg : George O'Malley (Grey's)
7. Doc. Robbins : Prof.Albus Dumbledore
8. Brass : Jack Sparrow
9. Hodges : Garfield

phaedon 1. JFK as Gilbert Grissom
2. MrsClinton as Catherine Willows
3. Evil Genious David Hodges as Nick Stockes
4. Evil Super Dave "No-Sexual Trauma" Phillips as Sara Sidle (sorry Dave)
5. Paris Hilton as Ecklie
6. Barrack Obama as Warrick Brown(VOTE!!!)
7. Scooby Doo as Greg Sanders
8. Jack Sparrow as David Hodges
9. Batman as Jim Brass
10. House as Al Robbins
11. Daffy Duck as Paul Millander ( i know he is a guest character ,but...)
12. Mr Bin as Wendy Simmins

Maddlow 1. Grissom: Sasha Baron Cohan
2. Catherine: Emily Deschanel
3. Warrick: Zac Efron (DONT ASK)
4. Nick: David Boreanez
5. Sara: Lena Headey
6. Greg: Carrot Top
7. Ecklie: Gordon Ramsey (Hells Kitchin)
8. Brass: Tom Cruise

1. Grissom - Sean Connery
2. Catherine - Michele Pfeiffer
3. Nick - Tom Cruise
4. Warrick - Eddie Murphy
5. Sara - Jennifer Garner
6. Greg - Adam Sandler
7. Brass - James Bond
This would seriously be an awesome team for CSI - just for fun!
Hey isn't that what this site is all about?! ;-)
Furture_Author_12 1. Grissom - George Clooney
2. Catherine - Gillian Anderson
3. Nick - David Boreanez
4. Sara - Emily Deschanel
5. Warrick - Eriq La Salle
6. Greg - Eric Milligan
7. Ecklie -Anthony Edwards
8. Doctor Robbins - Sean Connery

Because it would be a funny sight to see!
CSIgal333 1.Greg-Danny Messer(CSI:NY)
2.Sara-Lindsay Monroe(CSI:NY)
3.Nick-Matt le Blanc (friends)
4.Warrick-Matthew Perry(ditto)
5.Cath-Courtney Cox(Ditto)
6.Grissom-Robert Kelso(scrubs)
7.Ecklie-Count Olaf
random names just popped into my head. SANDLE ROXXXXX!
CSIfan101 1.Grissom: William Petersen (He's so dammit sexy, why change?)
2. Catherine Willows: Marg Helgenberger (Shes ok.)
3. Sara Sidle: Anne Hathaway
4. Nick Strokes: George Eads ( He's so HOT. Who cares to cahnge?)
5. Warrick Brown: Will Smith
6. David Hodges: Simon Baker (Change the personality too.)
7.Brass: George Clooney
8. One more addition to the family: ME!!
Because, ummm..... actually I don't really want anyone to leave or change. CSI is perfect the way it is. That is, with me included in the team. DUH!
chris_ellaway 1. Grissom - Dwight Schultz
2. Willows - Marcia Cross
3. Sidle - Jane Leeves
4. Stokes - Tom Hanks
5. Brown - Will Smith (with the crazy ass hair of his)
6. Sanders - Johnny Depp
7. Brass - Ian McKellen
Just a load of random names i threw together lol nd some make sense lol.
sidle_is_my_idol 1. Grissom - Albert Einstein
2. Catherine - Samantha Janus
3. Sara - Amy Lee
4. Nick - Jared Leto
5. Warrick - Alex Evans
6. Greg - Alan Carr
7. Hodges - Kyo (Dir En Grey)
8. Brass - Dawn French
9. Wendy - Cristina Scabbia
10. Doc Al Robbins - Russel Brand
Why? Could you imagine all of those people in one room? Pure gold!
moonxcrystal 1. Grissom - Light Yagami (Death Note)
2. Catherine - Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)
3. Sara - Konata Izumi (Lucky Star)
4. Nick - Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)
5. Warrick - Will Smith
6. Greg - Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
7. Hodges - L Lawliet (Death Note)
8. Brass - Pink Panther
Most of them are anime characters..
Lozziie.x 1. Grissom - Prince Charming (LOL)
2. Catherine - Ariel (it's the hair)
3. Sara - Belle
4. Nick - Tigger
5. Warrick - Wall-E
6. Greg - Goofy
7. Hodges - Sleeping Beauty (inspire where he falls asleep at the microscope)
8. Wendy - Mary Poppins
9. Brass - Winnie The Pooh
10. Doc Robins - The Mad Hatter
11. Ecklie - Dumbo
All Disney Characters... and Ecklie as dumbo, would be the funniest thing. =P!

Get that imagination working and

Nicholas AngelForest GumpLara CroftMr BeanSean ConnerySpidermanSpock

Have Fun!

The thingSamuel L JacksonDr CoxDr WhoWarrickBrassGrissom

Tell us why you chose your team!

GregCatherineSaraEcklieDoc Robbins

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