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That's like totally random but it is like 1/7 dreams I remember every morning per year (It has to do with the way I wake up)
i was with Nick investigating the death of the guy and I found a sheet of paper which I realized that it was chloroformed and the guy was chloroformed too and then for no reason we put orange goggles on and open and closed our UV Lights
(If my dreams are insane I should consider that I am not that sane either lol)

Call is Jorja Fox's idea, I'm just writing about it, lol)
OK the the scene was from about chapter 3 or 4 i think.

OK, so Grissom walks into the Trace Lab to give some samples Hodges, only to find he isn't there. He puts his swabs on the counter and turns to leave, and he hears Hodges sigh behind him. "Its raining Trace" Hodges said sounding depressed.
Grissom turns around to see Hodges in a Bright red dress. V neck, halter strap, and cut above the knee.
"Hodges, what?..."
"Its raining trace" he repeated, then to Grissom's horror, he breaks out into song.

Grissom ran from the room while Greg and Hodges started a very exotic dance routine, and you can hear them singing all the way to his office,
then i woke up, lol.
sorry that one is long, but as i said, it was a full scene so i wanted to write the whole thing.

Wow, i really need to start dreaming of something other than CSI... Ah who am i kidding, i don't want to dream about anything else.
anyway, last night, not so much a dream as a nightmare, i don't remember much of it except that i was Sara, and me and Grissom were getting married and just had our first kiss as a married couple, sounds like the greatest dream ever right???
but then some guy in a hood runs in, at first it was i think Hodges, screaming "YOU STOLE MY MAN", but then it turned into that creep Paul Millander, who shot Grissom and Grissom died in my arms, and i know it doesn't sound that bad, but it was really creepy, that Paul Millander guy always kinda bugged me. Ewwwww, and hes not really a face you want popping up in a dream that so far had only been filled with Grissom's sexiness, but i suppose there had to be some kind of balance in there.

OK, last night i had the BEST dream ever. i dreamt that Jorja Fox came to my town, and that i ran into her in a gas station. I got an autograph and we started talking and hanging out, it was so cool, and then for some reason the Spice Girls were staying at my grandmas house, and my grandma suddenly lived like a block away from me, but in reality she lives like 12 hours away. It was really cool, and i remember i kept saying that i had to take lots of pictures with me and JF cause the guys on the Internet would never believe that we hung out... lol, i know that wasn't really csi, but it was JF, so close enough, lol.

Wow, okay, this makes dream #8, lol.
OK, so this dream was another quite random one, but kinda funny, unexpected after that horrible farewell to Sara.
OK, so Sara had just announced she was leaving the lab, which consisted of me, Greg, Sara, Grissom, Catherine, and for some reason Leslie (Bibb i think, she played Marry Cherry on popular and i don't remember what character on "What i like about you") Anyway, so we decided we needed to throw Sara a goodbye party, which ended up being us driving around with Sara in her car stopping at random places. After the bar we stopped at a park, were we got out and had a picnic and played soccer, lol. So after that we got into the car and went somewhere else, only to realize like 20 minutes later that we had left Leslie on the swings, and had to go back for her, but she was dead, and the murderer was stuck in the sand, lol... Then my alarm went off. lol, that was pointless and random i know, but i thought it was funny.

This is what happens when you are sick, go skating, and then watch both an episode of CSI and an NHL game before bed.....
So, short and random...
I dreamt that me and Jorja Fox were playing for the Vancouver Canucks...
BUT, not at a proper rink, in my back yard(we have an ice rink this winter in our yard).
So we were playing the Calgary flames and one of them slap shot Jorja in the face so she got up and tackled the guy into the suddenly appeared side boards, lol. And then i scored the winning goal. Again, Random... lesson here...
Don't watch NHL and CSI at the same time right before bed when you are sick.

OK, so, last night"goodbye and good luck" was the last thing i watched before bed and, after listening to my damn dog snore for 2 hours, and trying to fight back the urge to kill all things CSI, i fell asleep. I don't remember much of the dream, and it was kinda random, but here goes, again....
OK, so its Tuesday night and for some reason i was going to go to the ski hill(even though its only open Thursday to Sunday) and before i left i turned on the TV and they were playing a new episode of CSI(another retarded thing, they play on Thursday) so i was all confused why the hell it was playing, anyway, i sit and quickly plug in my DVD burner and start recording it, as it was only just starting, and i was getting so exited, jumping up and down and screaming because.... SARA WAS BACK! YAY!!! but then my dad comes down stairs and gets mad at me for watching CSI and said he was going to cancel the TV if i didn't stop watching it(as he threatens almost every day in real life) so i shut it off and then somehow was still watching it. So, like i said, Sara was back, but, Grissom was gone, and Sara kept seeing him every where, even though the team said he hadn't been there for months. turns out he really was there, on the other side of the window, and then when Grissom sees Sara and starts running towards her, for a finally happy GSR kiss, my damn dog yelped and woke me up.(seems i rolled over on top of her, oops.)

Last night I had a dream that I was working on a case with Grissom and Sara. We were in a ghost town in the middle of the desert. And Grissom was outside investigating the perimeter, and Sara and I were inside a deserted house looking around. Sorry guys I honestly don't remember much else, but that was the basis of the dream. Also, Nick was there too.

Finally I had another CSI dream!! I have been waiting for another one of those for a long time, and I finally had one again last night. YAY!! So here goes: My dream last night involved Warrick - we were dating. So one night we were walking down the street and we saw some ambulances just over the hill. So Warrick decided to go check it out, and he let me come with him. When we arrived at the scene we discovered that it was nothing serious, just a big van had hit a pole. Even though there was nothing to investigate Warrick and I stuck around for a bit, to make sure that everyone was OK. Then this guy came through the crowd and started picking on me. So as my boyfriend, Warrick stepped in to defend me, and then this guy called his friend over and they started beating him up. Poor Warrick!! Anyways, the fight eventually broke up and Warrick and I left. They beat him up pretty bad, but no broken bones were a result.

OK my dream still scares me.One night I had a dream that I was getting married to Greg,and he was cheating on me with Sara and Catherine both.So when I found out I started cheating on him with Nick.The scary part is that at one point Greg found out and he shot me.I died a very long,slow,painful death.

OK I had another dream the other night.After Sara and Grissom got married, they had there honeymoon (like any normal couple) but when Sara went in to the bathroom in their suite,she didn't come out.Instead of Sara,Hodges came out in this silky red dress the exposed more than needed,and Grissom didn't even notice that is wasn't Sara.So when they finished,Hodges says "I love you Grissom.I always have.Why do you think I always suck up to you? Did you hear me? I love you Gilbert Grissom." So Grissom rolls over and notices Hodges,and runs in t the bathroom to puke.He goes in to see Sara hanging by her hands and feet on a towel rack.She was bound and gagged.Grissom starts running around frantically looking for scissors and was yelling at Hodges. Grissom finally got her down and she slapped Hodges.The next day at work,Hodges got fired.

One day i had a dream that Grissom and Sara were my Mom and Dad and that Grissom gave me a duck, so horrible. The other day i had a dream that Grissom and Sara got married, and one day I dream that me, Grissom and Sara were going to the car and the guys that kicked Greg's but want to kill us but Grissom shot them.

One time I had a dream that Catherine and Grissom were my mom's brother and sister and I didn't know until a family reunion and they both came with their families. When I woke up I was shocked and fell back asleep and it continued. When it continued Grissom was talking about something to one of my aunts and Catherine was talking to me and said that she wanted to take me to her house!

Another time I had a dream that Catherine shot Sara and Grissom went out with Catherine and they had a kid together. Lindsey became a stripper when she found out that Catherine was pregnant. Grissom took Ecklie's job and Ecklie was fired. Catherine was supervisor for Night Shift.Catherine had her kid and Lindsey was kidnapped, that same day from where she worked. Grissom freaked out cause Catherine was about to have this kid and Lindsey was gone and he tells Catherine and shes scared because of Lindsey and when the baby was born, Catherine was calling Sophia to call units to look for Lindsey. When they found her she was scared and had been raped, and wanted her mom and she is brought to Catherine and she talks to Catherine all alone and was scared to death.

Another dream I had was scary it was where Grissom goes crazy and he goes and shoots people he hates or didn't even know. Catherine goes to one of the murders and she saw Grissom trying to shoot her, cause he was shooting people he loved. Catherine took off before he shot and she yelled for someone to help her and when someone came she told them to get down "He's trying to kill me and anyone he sees" and he goes and shoots people on the streets and when he is caught he is put in an insane asylum until his death row day, and that's not until 20 years later, and Catherine went to see him with Sara and he had to be strapped to the chair so he doesn't kill then and he tells them what made him crack. what made him crack was the person that Eckile put on him so Ecklie was the first person he shot, when he shot him he said that it felt so good that he couldn't stop even if he tried, so he took his gun and went and shot random people. He was telling Catherine and Sara he is getting worse and doesn't realise that the more he talks to them, the more he wants to kill someone. If he killed one of them, which he didn't, he would have been killed right there and then, but he breaks out of the straps and Catherine and Sara run out of the room, so the guards go in and knock him out. Then I woke up for school.

Hello this is Ladyaph
I had dream that I won the lottery and went to visit the CSI cast and met with Doc Robbins and David. Doc and David had some students in and they were showing them about the history of the Surgical Theatre, from the time of the Crimean Wars. As a prank Greg had a very real mannequin with my features lying ready to be given treatment. This was to be an operation amputating my right leg below the knee. Dr's Robbins and Phillips were told that his was a very advanced clone. it could even Bleed and cry out, also even struggle to get away. It was even programmed to pass-out and die and thus enabling them to follow though on the Post Mortem. Greg, unknown to me , gave me a drug in my black coffee and for a short while this put me to sleep. Just before the demonstration was started, Greg wheeled me on a gurney and strapped me down on that table. Then the Operation started and my leg was sawed off. I was bleeding, screaming and the shock sent me unconscious. Doc Albert was just about to do the post Mortem. The big scalpel was placed on my chest and then I woke up panic stations all round. I had to go look in the mirror to see if I was alive and here. it was scary as I thought it was real. It was one of those very vivid dreams that you remember an leave you uneasy for the rest of the day

I had a dream awhile back that I had committed some sort of crime and was in the interrogation room with Brass and Sophia, and Grissom and Catherine were watching from the other side. Then somehow I like, turned into Lindsey.

I had this dream one time where I was going somewhere with my friend her mom and my mom and we stopped at this SUPER run-down building that looked like a haunted house, but out front it had a sign that said "Butterfield Academy" (in my dream I was just as obsessed with CSI as I am now) so I freaked out cuz' I was like "that's where Catherine's daughter goes to school" so we went in. But when we went in I suddenly changed into skates and was skating around the school and got lost from the people I was with. Somehow the inside was a lot bigger and nicer than the outside. I went down this one hallway and saw the bench that Lindsey was sitting on when she told her mom she wanted to go with her dad in the episode Lady Heather's Box (the one where Catherine's ex-husband dies) so I freaked out again and just went and sat on it for awhile and that's where everyone found me and they made me leave so I was really mad.

OK i had a dream that I was Catherine's daughter(i wasn't Lindsey though i don't think she existed) and i went to work with her. It was at this restaurant that i go to all the time. Warrick and Nick were there and they were standing over the body and Catherine was like trying to get me to hide under a table because she thought that the killer would come back and so I got under there and she kept passing me food. Then i ended up going home with Nick after they finished processing or whatever.

I had this really messed up dream once. i was being framed for murder, and Catherine was the only one who knew the truth. We were driving together trying to prove who the real killer was. But the way it was, it was like the show was reality, and I told her that my dad loves this show, and how she was his favorite character, so we went to my house so she could meet my dad, and ask my parents some questions and stuff, and then she stayed over for supper, but out of no where, the whole team showed up and they all stayed over for supper, and then it turned out that my brother was the killer. And then I woke up. So I don't even know why he was framing me. :( It was kind of cool though having them in one of my dreams! :)

MutantPrincess -
Mine confused me a lot. I had a dream that I was working with the team but instead of being CSIs we were EMTs, I don't know why. But we all jumped into our ambulances and went off to the "crime scene". Then at one point I was apparently pregnant because they were all talking to me about house shopping. I laughed so hard when I finally woke up!

Horatio had a midlife crisis(assuming he has not already suffered one) and started a band with Grissom and Nick called The Randoodles.....My mind is a scary place to visit.They dominated the world and there was...wait for it....RANDOODLEMANIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara was at a barbecue. Everyone was there. Sara apparently had a baby because there was one in the house and she went to go get him. She went out and sat next to Nick. He kissed her and took the baby from her. Then Greg and Sara got called to work a Crime Scene that involved a man that got shot with a marsh-mellow gun and that it was a mercury marsh-mellow.(My mind is a scary place to visit!) And then Sara get a call saying that the baby has been kidnapped and everyone at the barbecue was shot and Greg and Sara freak out and go to the hospital. They question them and go to the lab and get their vests and kits. Sara goes and gets hers and instead of Sidle, it says Stokes. They go pursue a car with Brass and find Sara's baby in a car seat in the back and the kidnapper is Sara's foster brother. (Freaky) And when they bring him in for questioning, he attacks Nick. Screaming stuff at him. I woke up and had to go to school.

lover 101- I had a dream that Sara and Grissom got married and they had a baby together so cool huh.

davidhodgesrocks- I had a dream that I won a trip to Italy to see a mob boss who claimed he was my real father. I flew in a private jet and David Hodges was the flight attendant. He was wearing a light blue tux. He offers to give me a tour of the plane where he shows me a private bedroom and, well, lets just say we earned our wings. LOL

I had a dream.I was in crime lab and and I didn't know what I was doing there.Then Grissom came and he said hey Cath,how is your case going?....I sad what?(I dreamed I was Catherine).What case?He looked at me weirdly.I sad oh,that case,I'm making some progress....We start talking,but I don't remember what of.Well I remember he sad he closed his case.Then I like heard the song Who are you?...OMG...Anyway we went to a crime scene and it was McDonald's where I go often.So I sad i had to go to the bathroom
and I looked me in mirror an I saw Catherine.I didn't understand how I'm Catherine.
I sad OMG so loud that Grissom ran into the girls bathroom!He asked what's going on,are you okay?I said yeah...And then I wasn't Catherine anymore.But I was still there.I couldn't
see me in mirror,I was like a ghost.... But I still saw Catherine and Grissom.I didn't heard
what where they talking about but Catherine was sad.She was saying to Grissom Why???She started to cry and Grissom hugged her.She was crying so loud,but I didn't know why...I was trying to move,but I couldn't.I wanted to see why is she crying but my beautiful mother woke me up(grrrrr)....

My dream started with Gil and Sara's wedding. Cath, Warrick, Greg, and Nick were n it. The minister said, "I now pronounce you man and wife." Then our GSR kiss finally happened. They then went off in his car, and went to his town house. There, I saw him carrying her through the door ans setting her on the couch. Then they popped in a movie, and I was awoken by my mother, who always ruins my dreams. <3,

This was the night after the episode The case of the cross-dressing carp, but any way, I couldn't sleep so I started reading my forensics book, which really got me hyped up from all that awesome info., but i eventually fell asleep. I dreamt that was working with Ronnie as SARA, just like they were working together, on that mob case. then it fast forwarded to the bee scene and I knew what was coming, so long story short, stung my hand, said YES, and bumped heads with Grissom, exactly like the episode. But then Grissom took off my hat and actually kissed me!!! Best Dream EVER!!!!CSI Dreams - CSI

gSrgeek333-Really weird dream, but i dreamt that I was on the ground and Grissom and Sara were staring down at me. I couldn't move no matter how much I tried. They were poking and pointing at me, talking about all forensic junk that I know I know, but couldn't understand them. All of a sudden, they called David over and he started to zip up my BODY BAG!!! Creepy, I know, but still.

I once dreamed that I was having a tour of the lab, and I saw Nick so I started following/stalking him (lol)!!! Anyway I finally caught up with him, and Grissom and Sara were walking down the hall like towards me so I stopped when they passed me turned around and started stalking them and I can hear Grissom asking Sara when "it" was due and she was saying that she was only 2 weeks pregnant!!! When he found that out he was so happy he started 2 cry and he started peppering her with kisses and I took a pic of it and then I just woke up!! Lol -Strange but true!!!

Archie, Wendy, Hodges and the dude from writing comparison. They’re all in one of the labs and they are comparing how cool they are with what they do for the CSI’s and who talks to them.
Archie fixed the TV so they could all watch a random cooking show whilst working. Then Hodges and Wendy were looking through a microscope and Wendy found this really long cylinder that said it was 1000x magnification, and then Wendy put it in the microscope and ended up smashing the slide cause she wasn’t careful.
Hodges then went ballistic and ran out of the room and into Grissom’s office, only to find that Grissom was in the holding two over-sized rats (and the rats were wearing shoes), Hodges then closes the door and sits down while Grissom talks to him about rats wearing shoes.
Sara calls from the hallway, so Grissom hurriedly states that, the rats have to go back into the box. Grissom throws the rats at the box and runs out of his office, leaving Hodges to meet up with Sara as she comes up to the door, along with two cats.
Sara looks around, then stares at Hodges for a second. Grissom creeps into the doorway and drops another cat near Sara’s feet, the flees. Sara sees movement out of the corner of her eye and follows Grissom.
I meet up with them in the corridor, when suddenly Greg grabs me and drags me down the hall to a pile of clothes saying we’re looking for something that has been bleached.
Nick and Hodges are helping us go through this pile of formal wedding clothes, in the bottom of the pile we find a blue pinstripe suit that looks like it’s from the 70’s. Nick says “It’s gotta be this”
Nick then whirls the suit away, and Wendy and Sara come up to Hodges and start measuring him, saying that everything has got to be changed. They begin to make a red silk dress which Hodges has to wear. Sara keeps telling Hodges to cut all the pieces narrower cause Hodges has no chest.
Hodges ends up cutting a big whole in one of the pieces so they decide they’re gonna fill the hole with a stretchy yellow material, and to make it inconspicuous they’re gonna to print a stencil of the ‘Sh*t Happens’ on it. But Sara accidentally prints it back to front. So they put another piece of yellow material of it.
Then I’m suddenly in a formal like setting,
with an over-large yellow belly saying their slogan, and he seems oblivious to the fact that he’s wearing a dress, for he continues to search for Grissom.
But Grissom and Sara are hiding behind the bar stealing shots of tequila from the bench. The rest of the team are dancing around to imaginary music. While Judy and Greg set a trap for Hodges.

(P.S. I’m actually not a big fan of Hodges, he just seems to hang out in my dreams a lot)

First off let me say I'm so glad I'm not the only one that has wacky dreams!
But OK here it goes. i had a dream one night that i was best friends with Sara and me and her kept flirting with Grissom like whispering things to him and stuff me and Catherine were also really close and towards the end of my dream we ended up like playing tag at a crime scene and a kid from my class showed up and we were like yelling at him to leave cuz' it was a crime scene!

OK so one night i had a dream that i met up with the cast and they came to my school and they like talked to us and the school had set up like fake crime scenes and we had to partner up with someone but they had pre-made the partners and i ended up getting Warrick ha ha

OK so my next dream is when i was a CSI myself and me and nick went out to a scene and the guy came back and like shot nick and i was trying to call my mom but he was like OK and acted like nothing even happened ha ha it was weird...i have had multiple dreams like that


I had a dream that i was at a soccer game and it was me Jorja fox the girl that played Natalie and we were just like sitting there talking and having a good time and then all of a sudden my dream switched over and i was at a chaotic hospital with a ton of people running around and Catherine and Warrick were there and Catherine like ran into me and she liked grabbed me and started to run with me and then we got outside and Warrick was in car and we just drove off to a house and when i got inside the year was like 1906 or something like that it was really weird and then it just ended/

I was o excited when i found thins page because i have had so many CSI dreams. O.k. my first one is I am in my friend's basement. Her basement is kind of a batting cage for softball but anyway i was playing Sims but i was like inside the game. The people that i was controlling were Sara and Grissom. I kept trying to make them kiss but they wouldn't Finally they did and like all these sparks flew out in the game. Then I woke up.

Here's my next one, so in this dream I was actually Sara. Grissom And "I" were standing in front of the team and they were arguing about something. They didn't know about "me" and Grissom so I thought kissing right in front of them would be a good idea. So they were arguing and "I" was like "come on we have to do it sometime Grissom." and he was like, "wait until they look." they never looked and then I woke up.

Me again OK so in this one I was in New York City but New York City was actually like a big spiral like one of those slides and stuff, anyways so we were preparing for like bad to happen and I was inside a building which actually turned out to be my school. I turned around and sitting on the coach was Grissom and Sara and House from House. I was so excited and I sat down acting all cool and stuff waving at people as they passed. Then this lady walked up and handed Grissom a chocolate chip English muffin. I turned around and when I turned back instead of Grissom sitting there it was my friend eating the chocolate chip English muffin

OK, I'm glad I'm not the only one with weird CSI dreams :D I have really vivid, weird dreams sometimes...
So, I'm on holiday in Las Vegas with my whole family (we're English btw) and then one night, in the hotel, there's this guy who's just murdered my whole family in their sleep and is now hovering over me! So I'm all like "Who the hell are you? What have you done with my family?!!!" and he stabs me with this MASSIVE knife, then proceeds to do other creepy, horrible stuff. He then shoots himself in the face leaving me covered in his and my own blood :(. Somehow I get out the hotel room and I end up bumping into Sara in the middle of the street, next thing I know I'm in the hospital and Sara's there covered in my blood just sat looking at me. After a while she leaves and then Grissom and Brass turn up (dressed as Samurai...don't ask why, I have no idea lol), they tell me about what happened and ask me questions etc. Brass then leaves but Grissom stays and starts to talk to me, so he's talking and talking and Sara comes back. She grabs Grissom (who she is engaged to at this point), takes him outside my room, then they both come back in and Grissom (back in normal clothes) explains that I had been unconscious for a long time and Sara was always sat there and then Sara explained that I have no family (not even in England) and that I would be put into the American foster care system and that she went through the system and they (Grissom and Sara) would do whatever they could to stop me from becoming a foster kid. So...They ADOPT me! Then I got woken up for school by my mum :(
It was s random, but very cool :)
I had a daydream...There was Grissom and a little girl with brown curly hair sat at a table, the little girl was his daughter and he was teaching her how to take someones fingerprints, so she had his finger in her little hand and was pressing it down on some paper with a look of utmost concentration on her face and pure love on Grissoms! Then I realised that it was from the viewpoint of Sara! It was so cute that I made a little "Squeeeee!" noise in the middle of Biology lol


OK so i was sleeping and i was helping my friend looking for Sara because Grissom couldn't find her (it was right after the season finale) and we couldn't find her. we looked in a tree and in a random bank and we were asking the golf pros at my golf course. we still couldn't find her. we did a survivor challenge to win a house and we won. we went back to the lab and we were having a party cuz' we found Sara (supposedly) and Grissom came up to me and told me to bake a cake with no icing and i did in ten seconds. then Grissom gave the cake to Sara (in front of everybody) and it had will you marry me written in icing on the cake. and she laughed and said yes and then Cath and Greg and Warrick were like y do you wanna marry her/? and then nick was like congrats. then i beat up this jerk on my golf team who thinks she owns me and is a snob and i kick the crap her.

Grissom and Cath where at the crime scene. They where processing a DB and Cath collapsed. Grissom tried to wake her up but he couldn't. He called an ambulance. When they came Grissom got into the ambulance and Sara was just arriving at the crime scene.She saw him leaving.She saw that Catherine wasn't OK but she didn't want to see whats going on, or if she was going to be okay. She just smiled. Grissom was worried and he waited for the doctor to tell him Wat's going on with Cath. The Doctor finally
came out of Cath's room and said to Grissom:"Your wife needs to rest for a couple days, she can't work, and besides she is a little bit older so take care of her."Grissom said "What?What are you talking about?Why she can't work,whats going on???" The Doctor said:"You don't know?Well Mr.Grissom,your wife is pregnant,congratulations!"Grissom said:"What?She is what?Ah,OMG....Can I go see her?"Doctor said that he can go see her but he needs to be quick. Grissom went in Catherine's room.He sad softly Hi to Cath. She didn't say anything.He hugged her and he wanted to talk to her.She said:"I didn't know that I'm pregnant..I didn't feel that great but I taught it was jut a stomach flue.Cath said I'm 5 weeks pregnant and..."(Grissom stopped her)...Grissom:"It's okay.You need to rest now...And we'll talk later"...Catherine:"Grissom,you know that baby is yours,you know what happened 5-6 weeks ago."Grissom:"I know...I'll stay here with you tonight."Cath:"Thank you,Gil."Grissom:"I would do anything for my sunshine."Cath fell asleep and then Sara came.Grissom went out to talk to Sara.He confessed everything and he said that Catherine is pregnant.Sara almost collapsed when she heard that. 7 months later,when baby was already born Cath came back to work.Sara couldn't stand that Cath is happy with Grissom so she quit(Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!!!!). Then I woke up.

I had a dream that i was a csi-in-training (cooler than Ronnie) and i went to doc and he was mad cuz' the dead body was too tall for the table. then i recognised that it was PEYTON MANNING. (WHO IM IN LOVE WITH) and i was like you no who that is? and doc and Grissom were like a dead body. and i was like that's my favorite football player and he just won the super bowl. and Grissom was like "i only like baseball cuz' its a beautiful game" and i was like you only said that to flirt with Sara. and Grissom said I love her. and i said i love Peyton manning. and he said "there's a difference" then Sara came in and said "wow we get to investigate Peyton Manning's murder?!?!?!" and i laughed cuz' she knew and the men didn't. and then Grissom and Sara went on a date and i went on a date with a living Peyton manning and we went camping.


Huh, I'm next huh? Ok well this was a while ago but I can still remember it like it was yesterday I mean...It was CSI :)

I dreamed that the whole CSI team were walking down a street that had all the houses from every case they had done...almost like a prop set :) But I was a Rookie and as we walked Grissom and Sara were out in front by a few feet and Catherine told me that they all suspected Grissom and Sara of having a thing. We all laughed as Sara said something to Grissom to make him blush and then Warrick said to me. "If you want to be a part of the team, help us catch the two red handed" So we walked past a house that had a garage and I asked Grissom to show me where he had found the body. Everyone walked into the garage. Grissom pointed out a stained spot where blood still sat. Then the lights went off and the Garage door closed leaving Grissom, Sara and myself inside. I had previously sought out a back door and snuck towards it. It was pitch black and I left the Garage silently. I stood outside with the rest of the team and heard Grissom say "I love you" To Sara and we all high fived each other and let them out. Weird but so cool :)

BeckyCSI -

This was kinda funny...i have loads of CSI dreams i just can't remember them all, anyway there was a party and me, Warrick, Catherine, Grissom, Sara, Mulder and Skully (Don't ask lol) were driving up and down this road looking for costumes. We came across this one place where i got a gorilla suit. I can't remember what the others were wearing just that we were all driving wacky cars! Me, Warrick and Catherine were sharing a car and Warrick stopped it and kicked Catherine out so he could be alone with me >.< not sure why but then i woke up lmao...

I had this other one where (for those of you who watch scrubs) me, Grissom, Dr Cox and Jordan were in my living room. For some reason me and Dr cox were mucking around on the floor whilst Grissom was staring at us like WTF?! Then we had a secret affair cause i was apparently going out with Grissom *Shrugs* my minds twisted rofl. I can't remember the rest...

This is actually my younger sister's dream.

Right my little sister is with her friend and Nick appears out of nowhere, sitting on a chair outside in the playground in the corner. My sisters friend makes her laugh and Nick watches her. She walked over to Nick to ask if he'd seen Warrick and he said 'no.' She turned around and saw Warrick standing around, as she went over towards him he turned into one of her other friends. So she saw Sara and walked over to her and asked if she had seen Warrick and she said 'yes he's over there.' My little sister walked over to him and said hi and asked if he would give her a hug. He said 'yes.' Then she walked away and saw Grissom and Warrick staring at a door (I have no idea why!) As she went over to them, she said to Grissom 'My sister loves you' (Which is me :D) Grissom said 'that's cool.' The i appeared next to my sister and i gave Grissom a hug (Yay!) and my little sister and Warrick walked off whilst me and Grissom were still hugging.

By: Greg~Sanders~Fan~24
I had this dream the other night that I had just graduated from college, and then I got a call from Grissom on my cell phone. He was recruiting me for a new CSI team in Alabama (wtf?), so of course, I joined. It was a really weird CSI team, which consisted of me, Hodges, Grissom, Catherine, and Greg. I really don't know why we had to have a team in Alabama. Anyway, we got our first case and discover that a celebrity got murdered. And, it's Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy). So I start jumping up and down because I'm so excited (I loathe Patrick Dempsey), and then Sara appears out of nowhere, and says that I'm the murderer. Grissom looks at her like, "WTF!?", and Catherine just doesn't say anything. Anyway, the cops arrest me, and I'm sent to prison. (We're still in Alabama, btw) Anyway, so Greg gets some money together and bails me out of jail. Then, he asked me out on a date. (MY DREAM COME TRUE!) And just before I was going to say yes, I woke up. Just another wacky thing that goes on inside my mind!

It started out with me and Gil investigating my murder, then Sara showed up and we went to another crime scene, (hank was with us too) and this one was of Hannah! OMG I HATE HER (She was dead) so anyway after that we went golfing! (LAST NIGHTS DREAM!)

CATHRINEFAN - It is a weekend dream, so its a little confusing...
My dream is kinda weird. Last night I had this dream, Catherine and Grissom were married and they had a kid, just like any other couple, and Lindsey was made fun of because of her parents. So Lindsey goes and talks to her grandma (Catherine's mom) and her grandma tells Catherine, she talks to her and then goes to the school. Catherine isn't very happy and she is talking to the kids that made fun of Lindsey. Then Lindsey is made fun of even more, while her mom isn't looking, Lindsey goes for a walk around the school. Then a teacher grabs her and she is raped and almost killed, but she got away. Lindsey told her mom, so Catherine asked Lindsey if she could remember if the rapist had a condom on, she said no. So Catherine told her to take a test, it was positive. Catherine asked which teacher raped her, she said her Math teacher. Catherine went to tell the Principal and Lindsey's guidance counsellor, they asked what was wrong with Lindsey because she is scared in her Math class. So Cath tells her and the guidance counsellor says that she needs to see a personal counsellor. Lindsey sees the counsellor and the teacher was fired and put in jail for 35 years and Lindsey is back to normal, but when she was 8 months pregnant, she couldn't go to school until the baby was born. After the baby was born she goes to school, just like she normally would whilst Catherine watched and took cars of Lindsey's, baby but when Lindsey was home she took care of her kid. It was the weekend

CATHRINEFAN-Hey I had a crazy dream last night...It had Catherine and Grissom. Catherine was pregnant with Gil'S baby, but she never told him that he was the father. Catherine finally told Grissom the truth and he had already got Sara pregnant and then after Gil told Catherine that he and Sara are having a baby, she takes off, mad and about to cry.Grissom tried everything to help Catherine, but she didn't even want to talk to him. Then it takes me to Sara and Gil is telling Sara about who the dad is of Catherine's baby, and Sara starts to cry and curse him out. Sara runs into Catherine and they start to chew each other out and Ecklie saw and talk to both of them one at a time. When he found out, Gil got fired, Catherine became supervisor, Sara quit and was with Gil. Catherine has her baby boy and she takes care of him and Lindsey. Catherine found a wonderful man and they got married on the day Sara had her baby girl. Lindsey loved her step-dad and the baby didn't know that his dad was his step-dad. Catherine and Gil started talking again and Catherine' s husband was even friends with Gil. Gil and Sara broke up and Gil found a girl and they got married and lived happily, like Catherine and her hubby. Gil and his wife were friends with Catherine and her hubby. Sorry it was so long, I'm on winter break.

Ashantaey - I have had several CSI dreams. The ones with Grissom are the nicest to me. I have some detailed stories of these dreams,but i will write shorter ones now.
I had about two dreams about Sara,in one dream I had just lost my job and I felt very sad. I visited the mall and went up to the top floor , which was the fifth floor. I found a neat square room that was exactly a small book store and I found Sara there. She tried to comfort me and she could. Then I found out all of thee books were written by her , but at the same time,she just had released her debut thriller,the first of her books of this kind. I'll never forget the image I saw on the cover and the title. The book was called "Murdered at 17" and told about a serial killer on the loose murdering 17 year old girls and left them in Nevada desert, where the first victim was found. I have some artwork about it somewhere and I will include it soon. And today I had a very weird dream. The last week was very busy and stressful because of assessments at school that had to be approved before I can get my degree,I was way behind with my work and spent night and days awake finishing my work,so when I finally could fall asleep,my mind was still very active and my dreams were chaotic and confused. In the last dream I was walking in a valley and saw the evolution of animals , from dinosaurs to elephants and the smallest mammals,then I suddenly found myself in a living room and watched CSI on a small TV. I saw a scene of a woman sitting at a round table reading a newspaper and two boys that were wanting to kill her. They had the largest cooking knife I had ever seen. It was about 40 inches long and such a knife (only smaller) is used to cut through large discs of cheese. They stood behind her,hiding this knife,and the woman did not suspect a thing.They quietly placed the knife close to her back,then they were fast slicing the back of this woman from top to bottom in two. She fell from her chair, severely wounded and dying. They were taking revenge and I suspect she had been abusive to these boys in the past. Then the sound of the TV my mum was watching woke me up,it felt like I had heard the same program for three hours and it bothered me. Waking up at 11 in the evening. Thank god I have a day off tomorrow.

Ashantaey - I had a dream tonight about Grissom, and most of the time I am very happy about that. Tonight I first went shopping and bought some nice games , they do not exist , but I know they were from Nintendo , and they were a kind of Sim city games, only much more detailed and nice than all the Sim city games so far.
Later in this dream I arrived at a swimming pool and I saw Grissom there , playing with a sea lion that was also swimming there. I wished to swim too but I could not. Somehow I needed permission from the pool owner and by the way I was ill , so could not really swim because of that.

Grissom invited me in, but I said I could not , first because (weird) I had no permission , and second I was not feeling well. So I told him that , and he said he could understand. Then I lay down on the ground , leaning on the railing of the pool , putting my hands in the water and watching Grissom play with the pet. Very lovely. Only then I woke up and realized it is two o clock am , and I am way too late! Shame...I always seem to wake up in the middle of the day as soon as I do not have work or school in the holiday times. Should change that.


One time I dreamt that I was at an aquarium (I think?) with Sofia and Nick because we were best friends and the three of us were just hanging out. At one point, I was alone with Sofia and we were talking:

Me: You and Nick look really cute together. You should hook up.
Sofia: Really?
Me: Yeah! I ship you guys.

Ha ha. Something like that. Then later I basically had the same conversation with Nick about Sofia. I don't remember how it ended, though! I hope they ended up getting together :]


There was this one time I had a random dream that I was at my grandma's house and the whole CSI cast was there. So we were all sitting in a tree that was just suddenly there. Someone was getting married, but I'm not sure who, but it might have been me or my aunt, which I thought was weird because she's already married. But anyways, we were sitting in the tree and were freaking out about not having enough balloons. So we decided to go get some, and I'm not sure how we got there, but something exciting was just about to happen, and then my dad woke me up, so I was rather angry because I didn't know what was going to happen.


I sit in the dimly lit apartment, the brick walls create an old fashioned feeling, like sitting in an antique shop. I look around at the toys and play things scattered around the glossy hardwood floor. In front of me is a swimming pool, its water blue and inviting as I sit on a ledge staring into my shimmering reflection off of the water in the pool. I am waiting for something, but what that is I am not sure. I just know that as I am sitting there waiting for it, it is drawing nearer and it is almost to the pool /apartment. Suddenly, the door opens and an old man hobbles in , i stare at him, at his shaggy beard, his droopy eyes , then suddenly, her rips his face of f and there is Grissom. SURPRISE!!!!


I was on the Internet watching CSI video clips when I cam across a diving scene. Catherine and Nick were diving into the ocean, bringing up dead people, and handing the dead people to the paramedics who were trying to "save" the dead people. Then, when the last dead person was on the rescue boat, Cath started drowning. Nick jumped in to save her, then put her on the boat so she could be saved, but they paramedics pushed her back into the water. Then, that clip ended and another clip began. There was a dwarf who was trying to kill either Nick or Grissom. Then, the dream just kind of ended.

Poor Greg had been arrested for something(don't know what) and was sent to what I'm calling the Aquatic Correctional Facility because he apparently is part fish and could swim underwater without air. (don't ask, he still looks like the beautiful/cute/handsome Greg we all know and love) I was Nick. Someone else was there too, and the only person I can think of was that it was Sara. The person was female, but I never got a good look and we didn't really talk. So, we arrive at the Facility and are walking down the hall, there are huge water tanks on either side, looks just like the ocean floor on the right. On the left it's much brighter with lights and the water is not nearly as deep. Greg is not the only half fish here, apparently. So, I spot a guard(I guess) getting food ready and I ask him where Greg is. He points up ahead to the right, and says he's up there. So, we go and stop to face the tank. These tanks are deep, let me tell you, they went far back, and I couldn't even see the back. There was a white light coming from back there, where the floor kinda looked like a hill with the light behind it(imagine something from The Little Mermaid, I guess) and I see a bunch of people coming, floating in our general direction and I say to Sara "That's him! I know that's Greg." And I put my hand on the glass of the tank and watch him come up, he brakes away from the others and speeds over to us, puts his hand against the glass on the other side of mine. He's talking, and I can hear him, though all I remember him saying is something about life there being kinda cool since it was different than what we're used to. I know he had to have said something about being happy to see us, though he never looked at Sara. His eyes were locked on mine. I knew though, that I could hear him talk, but he couldn't hear me, so I attempted some sign language to tell him that his dinner was ready and waiting and that he needed to go eat. (This was truly Nick coming through because he/I was having trouble signing, and I've taken three years of ASL, where he hasn't) Greg nodded. Then, my ASL skills finally came through and I pointed at myself, signed "love" and pointed at Greg. He signed the same thing back. (Sure it means the same thing Nick signed in that one episode, it's just a longer version, and seems more personal, you know?) Greg swam away towards dinner and I turned away from the tank to leave, intent on getting him freed from there, because being apart was heartbreaking.
And that's all there was to it. Strange, huh? Sad, but enjoyable. I wish I hadn't woken up from that one!

I had another one awhile back, the night before the episode where we found out Warrick was getting divorced. In my dream he was giving Greg his wedding ring. Nick was standing there on the side, not doing too much. I wondered why he was giving away his wedding ring, saying he didn't need it anymore. I was surprised to learn about the divorce the next night! lol, I ended up writing a story about it called "Passing The Ship Torch", where he gives the ring to Greg so he and Nick can become a cannon couple on the show. It's kinda funny. You can find it on WMTDB, ff.net, and the DMOTL wiki, if you care. I just had to write something about it and give the dream reasons, you know?

I was training to be a CSI Level 1 and I was assigned in Las Vegas.
I was myself in the dream and Grissom kept getting mad at me because I'm me. You know, I was hanging around Grissom's office and poking through all the weird stuff he has in jars.
And Grissom kept saying "Ariana, get out of my office."
But I wouldn't listen and I kept poking through all his stuff.
At one point, he stopped saying "Ariana, get out of my office" and said "DON'T OPEN THAT JAR!"
I gave him this really nasty look and told him that I wasn't that stupid. Then finally, Grissom got insanely angry and had Greg drag me out of his office. So Greg drags me out and he starts telling me how I shouldn't get on Grissom's bad side.
We're still sort of outside Grissom's office and we can hear Catherine telling off Grissom for getting mad at me because I have "potential".
Grissom started telling her that my "potential" was spoiled by my attitude.
After that, I was called into Grissom's office and he and Catherine told me I should be more mature (as a note, I got that lecture from the music teacher when I was colouring my shoes during the assembly. It's probably where Grissom got the idea).
Which is when Nick came into the room with a marshmallow shooter and started firing marshmallows at us.
There IS a logical reason for the marshmallow shooter. And that is that when Nick came into Grissom's office, my brother and HIS marshmallow shooter came right outside my room in reality. He woke me up, unfortunately, I was hoping to get to work a case. :D

Ok, this was such a weird CSI dream. Just a little advice first. Don't go fishing ,eat leftover Chinese food, and watch CSI before bed. It doesn't work out well :-P
Greg: So Doc, what's the COD?
Doc Robbins: Bad soy sauce.
Grissom: What a shame, it was so young.
Sara: -Nods in agreement with Grissom- So who wants Chinese?
And I was just standing there wondering about what the heck was going on, when the sushi came alive and attacked! x.X Then I woke up.
Moral: CSI, Sushi, and Fishing are not a good combination :-P :-P :-P

Okay, I have a lot of CSI dreams because I am COMPLETELY obsessed with CSI but some of them I just can't remember. But the other night I had this dream where I met Marg Helgenberger and we were just talking and stuff and I started asking her why they started using Kay Panabaker as Lindsey because that Madison McReynolds girl was doing fine(I really don't like Kay Panabaker, she's like living my dream life) and Marg was like I really don't know, then my alarm went off and I had to go to school.