CSI Caption Game - Read first

Because some people can't find the rules and/or don't know how to enter into the game, I am posting both the rules and an explanation of how to enter in your caption.


Step one:

Click theEasyEdit Button on the top right-hand corner of the screen and the image below is what should appear.EasyEditToolbar
Step two:
Scroll down until you reach this table:





Once you have reached this table, find the first empty slot and click on the section underneath the Caption heading and to the right of the #. Look at the table below...
Step three:
"I guess he took 'party 'till you
drop' a little too seriously."




After you have entered in your caption, click on the table to the right under Username and enter your username.
(Note: For the purposes of the example, I used red font... on the actual game, please stick to the default font which is gray.) Once your username is in place, copy the link of your profile and then highlight your username on the caption game page. Then click the LINK button on the EasyEdit toolbar, which should make this window open:

Add a Link dialog
Where it says, Link to:, paste the link to your profile and then click ADD LINK.

Step Four:
Once you have your caption entered and your username added and linked to your profile, make any final revisions to your entry and then click the SAVE button on the EasyEdit Toolbar.

Congratulations, if you followed the steps then you successfully entered your caption!

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  1. No plagiarism. Don't copy someone else's caption.
  2. Don't use the actual caption used in the scene the photo is from. Be original; though you can start off with the quote and add to it.
  3. No excessive profanity. If you must use profanity, please censor it. Also, absolutely no racial terms, slurs or words.
  4. Please, limit your caption to at the very most 3-4 lines....that gives you enough lines to let two characters have two quotes each. Although, all you need is one good line. If your caption does exceed the size limit, it will be immediately deleted.
  5. Please do use any font color other than the default, which is gray.

  1. Do not delete or edit another members caption. If you delete another members caption, you will be ejected from the current game and barred from future games.
  2. Please, use Spellcheck. It is part of the EasyEdit toolbar so you have no excuse. If your caption is so heavily misspelled that I can't make heads or tails out of it, it will be removed.
  3. You are free to change, update or remove your caption up until the 25th caption is entered...then it is locked and there will be no more edits.
  4. No explicit sexual descriptions. It is alright if there is a little content, but it is not okay if that content becomes too descriptive.
  5. The Caption Game will now close exactly 48-hours after it opens, or after it receives 25 captions, even if it doesn't yet have 25 captions.
  • If you plagiarize, your caption will be removed and you will either be prompted for a new caption or you will have to wait until the next game.
  • If you use the actual quote from the episode and nothing else, it will be removed.
  • Any excessive profanity will result in your caption being removed. Any racial terms will result in the prior as well as being barred from future games.
  • Deleting another members caption is unacceptable. If it is an accident, please restore it. If not, you will be banned from future games.
If you feel the punishment is too severe, I may let you off if you:
  • PM the member/members you harmed a private apology.
  • Post a public apology on the Caption Game page
Black List
Final Rule
In all cases of a tie not including one of my own captions, I am the one and only official tie-breaker.
I am the judge.

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