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This page is dedicated to the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Exhibit that has been held at a number of different scientific museums.

CSI The Experience - CSI
CSI The Experience - CSI
CSI The Experience - CSI

Excerpt from the official website.

The exhibit, CSI: The Experience, immerses guests in hands-on science while leading them through the challenge of solving a crime mystery. The hands-on exhibit brings to life fundamental scientific principles, numerous scientific disciplines, and the most advanced technology and techniques used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientists. Through hands-on activities featuring real equipment and multimedia presentations, guests will sample the following science fields and understand the significance of each in cracking crimes.

About the exhibit:

CSI: The Experience was developed by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and Bob Weis Design Island Associates with support from CBS Consumer Products, the cast and crew of the television show, and the National Science Foundation. CSI: The Experience is an immersive, interactive forensic science exhibit related to the hit TV series that invites people to use real science to solve hypothetical crimes in an exciting multimedia environment.

At CSI: The Experience visitors will participate in forensic investigations and use scientific inquiry to solve crimes.

Goals for the Exhibit—CSI: The Experience
To advance critical thinking skills through forensic investigation, scientific inquiry, and technology.
To promote public awareness of modern advances in forensic science.

Our Educational Goals for Exhibit Visitors:

Visitors will understand the principles underlying the following areas of forensic science:

DNA identification
Forensic anthropology
Forensic entomology
Forensic pathology
Forensic art
Firearm and toolmark identification
Information technology
Latent prints
Blood spatter analysis

You Also Take A Picture In An "Autopsy Room", And It Says CSI:The Experience On It.

Exclusive look at the exhibit:

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I attended at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I though the exhibit was great (the gift shop was also cool)!
Nicks_Wifey_07 I Went In Massachusetts and It Was Awesome!! I Went For My Training And The Picture Is Hanging Up In My Room :)
The gift shop, crime scene and videos were AWESOME!!! If you haven't gone,GO!!! No matter what crime they assign you, its awesome!!! =D
The above members abviously saw a better gift shop than I as the gift shop I was in wasn't anything to get excited about.
I done crime Scene 2 and had an excellent experience throughout everything


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