CSI's 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday CSI !
6th October 2009

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CSI's 10th Birthday - CSI

"On October 6, 2000 CSI Premiered in the US on The CBS Television Network and is today viewed in 183 countries worldwide"

Since then CSI now has a staggering 10 seasons.
Many fans must have special memories or favourites in ten years of the excellent drama so please share yours with us below aswell as leaving a birthday greeting to CSI

To recap ten wonderful years of CSI why not visit our Episode Guide and our Cast and Characters page to recap on everyone involed in CSI in ten years.

Username Memory/Favourite
CSIDunne I just love all the gripping storylines CSI always come up with especially the Warrick Storyline in season 8-9 and the always wonderfully done scenes.
LenaCSI I think CSI brings out the best in crime drama. There is a combination of the state of the art forensic technology and the good old fashion police work. It shows us all of the tragedy and comedy of life,and make us relate to the characters,and feel about them like we would feel about any family member.
CaraFan I love the way they get in and show the work CSI's do, plus the lives of a CSI.
gsrbritfan thanks for a great show week after week! Its been wonderful to watch!
1gilbertsangel I've been watching CSI since Fall 2004. Happy 10th season! I'm trying to solve the eps as I see them.
I look forward to Thursdays! I feel like it's a part of my family.
csisanders32 I have grown up with csi and it has had a great impact on me i would have never found forensics to be my passion and csi has really developed my love of science. I hope there are many more seasons to come oh and could we try not to kill off any more characters for now.

Username Birthday greeting
CSIDunne To everyone in CSI Happy Birthday and congratulations on 10 fantastic years of making the show, Here's to another decade, Happy Birthday!
LenaCSI Wow... I can't believe that 10 have gone by... Happy birthday to the best show in the universe! :)))
And may there be many more great years to come!
csisanders32 Happy Birthday CSI. Not many shows can make it for 10 years so congratulations on 10 years of a great show.

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