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Hello and Welcome to my page
Please don't be shy!
Read on!

My name is Dr G. S. Rubix Mma.d. Nnu.t

Home of the GSR Addict.com

I started this page to try to offer my help and services to all of you many CSI/GSR
addicts out there who may need some help and support,
and the interaction of other likewise addicts.

Geek LoveCSI/GSR Addicts therapy page - CSIlove

I know what it can be like to feel lonely and isolated with your addiction.

Does your family not understand your addiction and are sick of hearing about it?
Is the hubby or your partner ready to have you committed (Excuse the pun!)?
Are the kids and non addicts interrupting your important viewing (Fix) time?

Can you not get peace and quiet on a Thursday evening for one hour?
Are the pause and rewind buttons on all the TV remote controls suffering from your abuse?
Can you not go a day without a fix?
Do you suffer with Fanfic or GSR withdrawal symptoms?
Do you think about your addiction more that 5 times a day?
Do you have panic attacks when you have to go out and leave your TV or Computer for a day?
Do you panic if your Internet provider goes down for more than an hour?

If you answered "Yes" to 2 or more of these questions, ask yourself this:

"Do I need some help?"

Well, my dear friend, I think you do,
and this is the place to be to receive that help.

So to aid your recovery then read on.

Al a carte"Now look at this image for 1 minute
and allow your self to feel calm."

"Take deep breaths slowly in,
then let it out slowly letting the tension out with it."

"Feel better?"

"Then give yourself a pat on the back and smile,
because you have just made the first step to aid your recovery
by admitting to your addiction by reading on."

'You should have a go'

If you would like to contribute to this page by offering Advice, idea's for therapy and treatment,
soothing songs, or video's please feel free to add them, after all you will be helping numerous sufferers!

Why do we hurt each other?"I know what my fantasy is!"CSI/GSR Addicts therapy page - CSI

'Fantasy's are best kept private'



GSR in bed
'I'm not ready to say goodbye'

Please refrain from using any of these
words on this page!

Snickers, Sandle, sandles,Siders, Swarrick, Checkmate, Bridle, Purejoy,Saved, Sodges,
Sartann, Sass, Sandy, Dillybob, Best friend, Soul brother.

These words are deemed very offensive on this page;

GCR, Grillows, Purejoy, Gofia, Sporksom, T-4-2, Kessom, The Whip ship, Sackie,
Sacked, Salsa, sHackles, Polar opposites.

This is a Gil Grissom/Sara Sidle Romance therapy page.
Some clients are in the process of a lengthy recovery;
your use of the above words could set them back months in their therapy. Please be kind and take this into careful consideration.

home - CSI "Ah true love" sigh. p804_10

'Yes, let's do it!'
GSR HankCome back SaraKnife edge

for a future!

love someone

The response to this poll is pretty interesting so far. It will run until November this year, so please remember to log your vote so everyone can see how
members feel about any progress the relationship makes in coming episodes aired between now and then.

Appropriate GSR/Billy/Jorja quotes or thoughts for the day!
'Patience is a virtue'
'It's better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all'

GSR OLD PICGSRCSI/GSR Addicts therapy page - CSI

Weekly Therapy advice/Treatment off Dr G S Rubix

1- Pray at least twice a day for the writers to receive the money they are well over due,
for all the brilliant work they do, so they can go back to writing very soon.

2- Cross your fingers for i hour a day for new episodes to air soon.

3 - Visit any Jorja Fox fans site and beg her to come back as Sara, so she can give Grissom back his smile.

4 - Wear any lucky charms or carry them in your pocket, and chant to yourself
'William Peterson please sign for another couple of years'

5 - Say i love Grissom and Sara 5 times a day.

6- Play the U-tube CBS GSR retrospective video 5 times a day until you know it off by heart.

7 - Play as many GSR music video's you can a day.

8- Post any GSR picture to your ceiling above your bed so that it is the first thing you see on awakening,
and the last on going to the land of nod.

9 - Play any song that reminds you of GSR, on repeat and close your eyes and think of your favorite GSR scene.

10 - Have your favorite GSR picture as your wallpaper on your mobile phone.

11- Download a GSR music video to your mobile phone, so when you are desperate for a fix, you can play it anytime.

12. Visit SIDLE77 U-Tube page and view as many GSR music videos as you can.

13. Read as much GSR Fanfiction as you can, especially at bed time so you have GSR dreams.

14. Forget all about Lady Heather she's a never was! & never will!

living doll 1

Dear Dr Rubix Section:-
In this section i will answer your questions, problems etc to the best of my knowledge,
and offer you my sincere advice, therapy or treatment as appropriately required.

Your Questions. My answer, advice or solution.
Dear Dr,
i think i may be infatuated with a character on CSI. His real name is William L Petersen, but his character is called Dr Gilbert Grissom, i think he is absolutely gorgeous and so flaming hot!. He has the most beautiful blue eyes that i have ever seen, i could just get lost in them, sigh.
Please tell my "why oh why" he couldn't have been a Doctor of medicine instead of a Dr of stupid little bugs? if he had been a physician, i would have let him examine me anytime. I think i have a real problem with my infatuation, for crying out loud i can't go an hour with thinking of him.

Please help, i am desperate.

Dr Anonymous,
please do not worry about your infatuation for this Mr Petersen/Mr Grissom guy. Firstly it is not an infatuation, it is an inflammation of the heart called 'Gilitis' and is easily treated by going to your Chemist/Drugstore and asking for a prescription for a full colour print out picture of Mr Petersen/Mr Grissom.

Dosage - kiss picture ttd (Ten times daily) after food, preferably chocolate.

Note; Please do not operate electrical appliances whilst taking this medication.

One week of this treatment should help your condition tremendously.

I hope my advice to you is of help

Dr G S Rubix - Quack for the GSR Therapy group.
Dear Dr. G.S.Rubix,
Ever since Sara left, I have been very sad. I cryed myself to sleep the Thursday that she left. I cryed at school, I cryed on the way home from school, and so on. But the worst part is, I can't escape from the reminders of her leaving. All of the songs that I hear remind me of Sara leaving. The things my friends and family say remind me of her leaving. When I watch CSI it DEFINITELY reminds me of Sara leaving. I have been going through a dramatic intervention because of the writers strike. I think one day I'm going to explode or self-destruct, or something.

I desperately need your advice!

Firebrand teen
Dear desperate (Oops sorry) Firebrand teen,

The best advice i can offer to you my dear, is to watch all the seasons back to back, up until episode 8.02
DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT watch past this point, as it will only aggravate your condition further.

Another piece of Doctorly advice would be for you to read only fan fiction where Sara has either not gone away, or she has, and is coming back.

If you are seriously about to self destruct, please remember to write your dearly beloved, a Dear John, devastatingly heartbreaking letter, then go of and do it alone!

I hope the advice i have offered you will be of some help.

Dr G S Rubix. Ma.d. Phyd. Nnu.t
Yo Doc,
Why the hell man did tho's writer guys av that Gil dude ask that babe Sara to marry him, when they's clearly knew that broad was leaving soon? an WTF was wiv da dear John fing, dat was so wrong.
I am a frettin Doc that we have some kind of sociopath writing for the show, cos they sho like a messin n torturing wiv us. Looka what they done to us fanz last last year! Makin uz go crazy all the damn summer, finking that Sar was gonna be daffy ducked (My own slang, work it out!) trapped under that cool car, by that crazy beach dat hates the bleach!
I so need sum of dat freakin therapy yo is offering Doc!

High five Doc!

Help me out Doc,

dj master G So Riled man!
Dear dj master G So Riled man,

from reading between the lines in you very desperate letter, i am taking it that you are what is known as a
GANGSTA! please for give me is i spelled that wrong, because i don't want you to put out a contract on me.

Please calm down and take a deep breath and let it out and count to ten.

Okay "Feel better?".

Now if you would be so kind and hand all of your sparkling new guns & knives into the nearest police department, because i am a little scared of you right now. Do that for the good doctor, then i will get back to you dear, to help you.

Dr G S Rubix Ma.d Phyp. Nnu.t
Yo I'm back Docta G,
I'z been a good dude an handed my tools of da trade into da fuzz, but da mean dude 'Metal man' whats his name, Oh yeh Brass waz on my case about dem, jeezzzzz, dat man needs to chill man, take a pill or summat.
Yo Doc do ya stuff an therapy me an all that!

Question, is da main man Griss wanna be a gansta an join my gang u fink with his bitchin dog, that cool dog sho would be soooooooo cool in a studded collar wiv spikes an all? walking round my hood.
Da main man he lourv the leather too i earz fomr my little birdie contact.

DJ Master G So riled man!
Dearest DJ Master G So riled,

Thank you very much for being a good little Gangsta boy, your co-operation is noted dear.

Mr Captain James Brass was just doing his job being the tough cop that he is paid to be honey, please excuse his rough exterior, he is a teddy bear underneath that hard shell.

I am afraid Dr Grissom would most likely decline your invite to join your group of friends with his adorable dog Hank.I don't think your informant is very good at his job,
but please don't whack! him with my comment about his employment and job failure.
Leather, studded collars and spikes are more Heather
Kessler's thing, not Dr Grissom's. He has chosen a relationship with Miss Sara Sidle apposed to Heather Kessler for a reason, and i think it is because he prefers silk, lace and more softer materials, rather than hard, harsh chaffing things.

I hope my information has been some what helpful to you dear, and no i do not wish to be employed by you at this time, thank you.

Dr G S Rubix therapist to CSI hood.
Dear Doc,

I need real help. One of my friends is...is...*takes a deep breath* is a Grillows shipper *shudders*, and she constantly argues with me about it, with comments like "Grillows is way better than GSR, everyone can see it, the writers are just playing along with the fangirls.". I try and ignore her as much as I can, but we recently had a conversation about Lady Heather as there were some rumours that she might be returning next season. Now, I like the character, I think she brings an interesting aspect to the show and gives Grissom another level to him. I might not be head over heels in love with the idea that he and LH may have slept together (¬_¬) but I don't hate LH. But she tried every way she could think of to annoy me about it, with things like "Yeah, it's not your fault they have amazing chemistry.". I agree, they do have chemistry, but that doesn't mean they're in love or having an affair, cos hey, let's face it, GSR is canon. Anyways, even if Griss had cheated on Sara, she so would have caught him out, and I don't think she would have stayed with even Grissom if he had.

The point is, I need some advice on how to deal with my "friend" when faced with, yet another, GSR vs Grillows argument.

Hello my dear Mockney,

I am very glad you came for advice, it seems you do have a real problem with your friend.

Firstly ditch the friend! (only kidding!)

If she seems to like Heather (Beach!) that much let her have a bit of the Leather masters medicine, by tieing her down with leather straps, and make a whip out of lots of GSR pictures printed onto some firm fabric and then shredded to make the whip. Make sure you have enough room to deliver your strokes, until she begs you to stop, promising to shout from the

That should do the job nicely, if not gaff tape and lock her in a closet!

Anyway if the conversation comes up again just simply shout at her
"Canon" smugly! and hold up a palm for her to talk to that instead.

I hope my advice is of some help to you my dear. Please let me know if this treatment works successfully for you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr G S Rubix. GSR therapist to millions!
Dear Doctor,

I no this isnt in the right spot, but i dont no how to put it up there. I need some help. I love GSR so much, and because of that, I hate LadyHeather, and at some points Im not happy with Catherine, also at some points Im mad at Greg for trying to get Sara. Is it only obviouse to us that Gil and Sara are in love? Are others blind? Catherine used to flirt with Gil non stop, and when i watch those episodes i get so mad! I know this is going to sound weird, but when I watched when Sara left, I cried, punched my wall[[cracked it]] then cried my self to sleep because of the episode, (not the wall). My youtube acount is full of GSR videos, and at school its what I talk about. As you can probably guesse, I need some help, lol. But please reply to this, it would help.

----GSR Addict [[Gilsgirl88]]
Dear Gilsgirl88,

First off if you ever want to add something to the page, click on the easy edit button on the top of the page, then go ahead adding. Please feel free to add some of your GSR video's and other stuff to the page.

Please don't ever feel ashamed about feeling weird for expressing your emotions towards GSR my dear, and your reactions to situations concerning the couple are quite normal. Most addicts wouldn't readily admit to such actions because of all the Anti GSR's and the CSI non watchers out there that give us such a hard time understanding our dillema. But you are helping yourself by being able to admit that you are indeed a GSR addict and can healthily display emotions concerning GSR.

Don't worry about Catherine she has eyes for Warrick, Greg doesn't have a cat in hells chance, and as for Miss Whiplash, well lets just say the wince Grissom gave her when she presented the used condom from the German guy she slept with just to obtain evidence, said it all for me personally!

My advice/Treatment for you dear is to watch as many CSI episodes containing the best GSR to your hearts content, and preach to the word that GSR is the greatest love story ever told.

I hope my advice will help you in some way. Please feel free to let me know how you go on with the treatment and advice i have offered.

Your Therapist

Dr G S Rubix. Fellow GSR Addict.
Dear Doctor,

My friends don't watch CSI or anything close to what I like to watch. I talked about it once with my "best" friend and she gave me this weird look and said" Did you see Life of Ryan last night" I never have brought it up again. My mom tells me I can only watch 3 hours of CSI a day! How am I supposed to that. I really need help. I can't talk about my CSI addiction with anyone. I have a fanfiction account and one here but i still can't seem to talk to anyone. Please help me.


Going Crazy
Dear Going Crazy,

Firstly dear my treatment advice for you is to invite your friends over for a sleepover then lock all the doors and windows so they can't get out, then put episodes of CSI on your TV, turn up the volume so they don't miss any of the dialogue, tie them to chairs facing the TV if it helps. Make them sit through a full 24hrs of this, then see if still don't like it.

Your Mom is being rather unjustly strict in only allowing you the 3 hours per day. Have you heard of social services report her for cruelty (only kidding!).

I hope my advice/treatment is of some help to you, and please contact me again if you have any other problems.

Dr G S Rubix. Serious GSR addict.
Dear Doctor

I want to thank you for your advice. I've decided yo ignore my mom's "friedly and caring reprimand" (as she calls it) of my CSI watching. So I ask my step-dad you also loves CSI he doesn't have a problem with it.
Thanks again for your advice

Going Crazy
Dear Going crazy,

Way to go! in using your head and going to step-Dad, major suck up points for him allowing you more CSI airtime!

I will offer you my advice anytime, it is a pleasure being able to ease your suffering in some way.

Your friendly therapist Dr G S Rubix.
Dear Doc, I need help. I can't seem to enjoy CSI any more without Sara. The last few new eppys have been good but without GSR there empty. My Mom asked me to get some help for my problem. I need help, pretty much everything reminds me of GSR and I have no one else to talk to about this please help
love GSR freak
Hello my dear GSR Freak,
You are not on your own, you are one of thousands, with the similar problem, and i myself can sympathize with you. My recomendations to you are to, rewatch the full 8 seasons again back to back, but do not watch ep 8.07, stop at 8.02, then go and watch SIDLE77's GSR music video's for a regular GSR fix, until Jorja/Sara returns which i'm sure she will at some point in season 9.
If you find this isn't helping get back to me, and i will try to recomend a better solution.

Your friendy therapist Dr G S Rubix Ma.ad. Lo.ON
Dear doc, I have done what you asked and I fell alot better.I still can't wait tell Sara comes back but since your therapy I think I can make it until season nine. My mom still says I need therapy but I think I can deal. Thank you so much for helping all of us depressed GSR fans.
yours alway GSR freak
Dear GSR Freak,
I am glad you are feeling much better after the advice i gave you. One way to try and deal with your GSR withdrawal symptoms during the long summers months is to spend time on here and the new home of the GSR Addict site that you can find the link for at the top of the page. Watching lots of GSR music video's always helps me. I am sure we will be seeing Sara back in season 9 at some point, so please be optomistic.

Your friendy therapist Dr G S Rubix Ma.AD.
Dear Doc I am about to have a panic attack. We have 4 whole months to wait tell Sara comes back and because I don't have school all summer I am so bord and I wont have any GSR to help me out. I need your help to hold me over until Sara comes back in the fall!! please help me.
as always thank you for helping us GSR fans.
your alway gsrfreak
Dear gsrfreak,

take deep slow calming breaths my dear, to try and control your breathing.
All better, well my best adice to you my dear is to take up reading fanfiction, visiting any sites that have GSR on them, and re-watching CSI from the first season. That should keep to busy and occupied until the new episodes air in September.

My helping all us GSR fans is my complet pleasure dear, thank you.

Please feel free to write me again if you have any more problems.

Your friendy quack Dr G S Rubix.
Dear Doc,
I've read my fair share of GSR fanfics, but lately it seems like I can't get enough! It's always on my mind and totally distracts me from everyday life. I'm always caught staring off into space, thinking up plot bunnies or just imagining Griss and Sara. I'm constantly getting odd looks and always being questioned by my mom as to why I seem so distant. I need help, what should I tell her? She knows I LOVEE GSR, but I don't want her to think I'm a freaky obsessive monster. Help! Thanks,
My Dear GSRftw,
I am sorry to hear of youR plight, and i think the long break over the summer months between seasons is not helping you very much. You are not alone many many GSR fans are struggling with the long wait until October when the new season airs in the USA.

My advice to you dear is to interact with as many GSR fans on the CSI & GSR sites for the next couple of months, watch plenty of GSR music video's at your worst despairing times. Rewatch all the 8 seasons back to back, and read as much GSR Fanfic's as you can. And please do not think you are a 'FREAKY OBSESSIVE MONSTER' you are quite simply a
GSR ADDICT! who needs help support and understanding from like minded fans and addicts.
I hope my advice to you is of some help and reassurance to you, but please don't hesitate to get back in touch with me if you have any further problems.

Your understanding friend and therapist

Dr G S Rubix NU.ut MA.ad.
since sara left and GSR stop-ed for a while I'm kind of depressed. I cry when think about her goodbye and with every sad song i hear i'm going to cry. since i heard she's gonna be back i did feel a little better but now i know that LH returned i'm again totally depressed. WHY????If Griss depressed is or in a crisis LH can't help him. Only Sara can do that. Grissom and Sara are made for each other and they should be together. LH sucks!!!
what am i supposed to do with this???
I miss Sara and GSR and i was so glad that GSR was going to return and i still believe it but LH is going to
mess upeverything again :(!!!
and GSR retrospective doesn't exist anymore
if you can help me,, thanks
X JorjaFan111
Hello JorjaFan111,

Please don't worry my dear, all will be okay and fine with Grissom and Sara, i am more than sure our lovely (Evil & wicked) writers will not break our loved up couple apart. I have no doubt that the writers are giving us these nasty li
ttle snippets of the Lady Heather story line, and Grissom sleeping at her house just to get all us fans buzzing through the next weeks until the new season starts. It's just to keep us all on our toes, on the edge of our seats and continually interested in the approaching new CSI season. GSR will continue after episode 9.10 i have no doubt, and both Jorja and Billy have said they will be appearing in CSI again, besides do you really think CBS are going to risk loosing so many GSR fans? i don't thinks so.
Please think positive happy thoughts and keep the GSR faith!
I hope i have been able to allay some of your fears, failing this follow the link at the top of the page for more lots of GSR fun stuff!

Yours sincerely,
Dr G S Rubix therapist to the GSR addicts.
I Am Such A GSR Freak It's Crazy!! Im Driving My Mom and entire family, best friend, and fiancee crazy!!! All I Do Is Think About GSR!!! Im Over-Obsessed!!! When I Think About GSR (All The Time) I Get All Giddy and Happy, and when I am watching a GSR moment, I like cover my face and peek through my fingers and start giggling like a moron!!! LOL I LOVE GSR!! What Should I Do??

Hola -Nicks_Wifey_07 and GSR addict,

I sympathize with you greatly my dear, you obviously have a CSI/GSR deficient family. My recomendations to you are to use tape on each and everyone of your friends, family and even the Fiancee, tape them all to chairs and run a CSI 24 hour dvd marathon with them placed in front of the TV screen. If neccessary rewind and re-play all your favorite GSR moments until they get the addiction and clear message that you love the Grissom & Sara romance. Failing that place them in front of a computer and play as many GSR music video's until they plead that they are now converts to CSI and GSR.

Please get back to me if any of my advice fails to reach the desired effects, so i can come up with some new recommendations for you.

Good luck!

Dr G S Rubix MA,ad N.Uut.
Oh my God please help I have heard that Lady Heather is comeing back!!! When I heard this I couldn't believe it! I don't know what to do please give me some words of encrougement!! yours always GSRFREAK Dear GSRFREAK,
Please do not worry my fellow addict, all is at hand and under control, many GSR addicts are plotting as we speak for her downfall and protection of Grissom and Sara as a couple. I believe her being deposited under many tons of cement is one option put out there, so please calm down and take a deep cleansing breath no that you know the proposed actions of the GSR army! keep the GSR faith my dear, and i hope i was of some help in alleviating your concerns.
Dr G S Rubix therapist to the GSR army.
Hey there, I am a huge GSR addict, I love the struggle thay had to encounter before getting together. I was so in love with the 'ship' that i had a butterfly tattooed on my shoulder (yes i am that big a fan) so i had to write this letter to ask for help, i cannot see how Grissom could betray Sara after asking her to marry him and saying she was the only one he's ever loved (are the writers mad) anyway in desperate in need of help before i cry myself to death ...

Dear I_Love_csi_x,
I too am a huge fan for the same reasons, and believe it or not 2 years ago i had a small bumble bee tattoo put on the back of my left shoulder, simply because i love bumble bee's, so i was so chuffed at the marriage proposal being centered around the bee's!
Please don't worry about the GSR future, because i really don't think the writers or CBS would be stupid enough at this point to end a huge part of what Grissom's charactor and CSI has been developed around. We may not see a bed of roses ending for the relationship, it may even be left very ambiguous & keep us wondering, just so that we keep watching the show for any hints of GSR, or guest appearances of WP or JF. Ask yourself this - do you really think CBS would risk viewing figure suicide by killing off GSR totally?
I hope i have been able to help in some kind of way. Please feel free to write again if there is anything more you think i may be able to help with.
Dr G S Rubix Mmad.
Hey doc,
I'm having trouble forgetting about that video message Sara left Gil and everything I do and listen to, It reminds me of... I watch videos of happy GSR and 'The Kiss' about ten times a day... Nothing is helping and I can't tell anybody but my best friend because no one else seems to understand... I can't live a day with out GSR because it's like my oxygen! I live and breath GSR... what will I do if it's gone???
Weak & Desperate

Be a survivor like Sara!

Sara "Survivor" Sidle

Add your Music video's below here.

GSR - "Run" Music By Snow Patrol Vid by alslmr1 aka Simi GSR - "Everything" Music by Michael Buble Vid by alslmr1 aka SIMI
GSR - "Till Kingdom Come" Music by Coldplay Vid by alslmr1 aka SIMI GSR - "Last Request" Music by Paolo Nutini Vid by alslmr1 aka SIMI

Please Add appropriate Poems/Sonnets below this line.

The glory of the day was in her face, The beauty of the night was in her eyes,
And over all her loveliness, the grace Of Morning blushing in the early skies.

And in her voice, the calling of the dove;Like music of a sweet, melodious part.
And in her smile, the breaking light of love;And all the gentle virtues of the heart.

And now the glorious day, the beauteous night,
The birds that signal to their mates at dawn,
To my dull ears, to my tear-blinded sight. Are one with all the dead, since she is gone.
-James Weldon Johnson

But she'll be back, Grissom!

From Gil To Sara:

Her eyes, twin pools of mystic light, The blend of star-sheen and black night;
O'er which, to sound their glamouring haze, A man might bend, and vainly gaze.

Her eyes, twin pools so dark and deep, In which life's ancient mysteries sleep;
Wherein, to seek the quested goal, A man might plunge, and lose his soul.
-James Weldon Johnson

To Sara from Gil

Sonnet 56; Sweet love, renew thy force, be it not said

Sweet love, renew thy force! Be it not said Thy edge should blunter be than appetite,
Which but today by feeding is allayed,
Tomorrow sharpened in his former might.
So, Love, be thou, although today thou fill Thy hungry eyes, even till they wink with fullness,
Tomorrow see again, and do not kill The spirit of love with a perpetual dullness.
Let this sad interim like the ocean be Which parts the shore where two contracted new Come daily to the banks,
that, when they see
Return of love,
more blest may be the view;
As call it winter, which being full of care Makes summer's welcome thrice more wished,
more rare.

By William Shakespeare

To Sara from Gris:
Sonnet 47 (last 5 lines) by Shakespeare

Thyself away art resent still with me,
For thou not farther than my thoughts canst move,
For I am still with them and they with thee;
Or, if they sleep thy picture in my sight,
Awakes my heart to heart's and eye's delight

Please add 'only' GSR or Jorja/Billy photo's below this line.

Grissom x Sara + Geek Love = GSR = 'Canon'

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The only science of love.

suited & bootedOh, we are so happy!griss in a robe

Therapy at its utmost best!
TrueCSI/GSR Addicts therapy page - CSILove

GCSI/GSR Addicts therapy page - CSISCSI/GSR Addicts therapy page - CSIR
GSR shave scene
True love is standing still while she's
holding a razor blade to your face

kiss When was this? GSR Kiss
Liplock#1 Liplock #2 Liplock #3

LLove lemonsOpuzzle glassesVlove coffeeE

Grissomwp no shoesSaraSaraRomance
Gone Vegan have we Griss? Not wearing leather is a bit extreme though!
But it will keep Lady Whiplash at bay! Keep to the not wearing it!
Sick Gilbert

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Grissom/Sidle...Love nest.
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I am only trying to offer some fun to the people who visit this site and are missing their GSR fix for the foreseeable future. (gsrbritfan/rubixCSIpuzzle)Home to the GSR Addict

It has been found out that Jorja will be returning in the new episode on September 25th.
It has not yet been confirmed if it is as a guest star or a cast member....but CSI reps have stated
that Grissom and viewers have not seen the last of Sara Sidle, and that she will not be a flashback! (jimafreak)

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