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We want to reward YOU!


We want you to reward a PAGE!

1. Please do not message us asking to be the next member of the week, if you do, there's a very good chance you will never be chosen.
2. Please do not create blank pages and not add anything to them because:
  • Your page will be deleted.
  • You will NOT be chosen for wasting time.
  • The CSI Wiki will not tolerate a mass of blank pages.
3. We will check the contributions you're making, so constantly adding to your profile will not get you anywhere. The Wiki is for CSI not your biography.
4. Threads must be CSI orientated no posting something random like 'Hi, how is everyone!'.
5. Page suggestions must be for pages on this Wiki.
6. love_gsr will be the one choosing member of the week. No one else.

CSI Wiki Shout-Outs - CSI CSI Wiki Member Shout-Out

Would you like to be praised for your work on the Wiki? Continue to make contributions, add to threads and edit pages & you could have your name here & on the home page for a week!

love_gsr will be the one picking the member of the week.
If you want a chance to have your name on the home page for a week, then all you need to do is the following things:

- Edit pages to add information, pictures or widgets.
- Create new pages.
- Start new threads.
- Contribute to existing threads with useful
This Week's Member - October 16-22/08
This week's member is Fluffybex1.
This member is always posting on threads and has done a several page edits. During the summer break, she was busy talking on the threads all the time! She has done great contributions to the wiki!
Why not send her a compliment for all her great work on the wiki!
Past Members of the Week
April 3 - 10/08


April 10 - 17/08


April 17 - 24/08


April 24 - May 1/08


May 1 - 16/0


May 16 - 23/0


May 23 - 30/0



CSI Wiki Shout-Outs - CSI CSI Wiki Page Shout-out

Would you like to have the page you love, be honored for a week? Continue to make great contributions to your page, add great images, videos & more cool stuff! & your page could be honored here & on the homepage for a week!
You guys get to vote for the page!
We will be on the look out for pages that are:
- Neatly organized.
- Well presented information.
- Plenty of useful widgets and pictures.

We will have a poll set up here for you guys to vote! We will also take
your recommendations
for the Page!



This Week's Page - October 16-22/08
This week's page is CSI Party!
Many of us think CSI should have a Party! Why not join the fun! If we get enough people involved we might even be able to have a party! So check out all the fun happening on this great page!
Past Pages of the Week
April 3 - 10/08

CSI/GSR Addicts Therapy Page

April 10 - 17/08

CSI Spoilers

April 17 - 24/08

CSI Caption Game

April 24 - May 1/08

CSI Characters

May 1 - 16/0

CSI Quiz

May 16 - 23/0

CSI Fantasy Team

May 23 - 30/0

Write a CSI Episode Together!


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