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Ever wondered what a CSIs field kit consists of ? Take a look ! We are not only including the basic field kit but also several field kits used by a CSI at the crime scene,more advanced tools rarely used but seen on CSI and also the tools of the thrade of the coroner and a detective !
Forensics for Dummies D.P Lyle,MD
Ultimate CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Corinne Marrinan and Steve Parker
CSI Field Kit(s)

Photo Tool Description
CSI Tools - CSI Crime Scene Tape Nonthing says "Don't you contaminate my crime scene" better than a crime scene tape
CSI Tools - CSI Flashlight Not only it brings light to dark places but in a proper angle it may help to uncover latent prints

Latex Gloves (latex free) To make sure that you wont contaminate the evidence with your hands
CSI Tools - CSI Paper Shoe Covers Used to vover the investigators' shoes in order to avoid contamination and leave fingerprints behind
CSI Tools - CSI Magnifying Glass The human eye can be helped with a Magnifying Glass
CSI Tools - CSI Tweezers Used to collect tiny evidence
CSI Tools - CSI Pen In order to note stuff in the logbook and sketchpad but Grissom has been seen using one in order to pick up a slug in Season 1 (against CSI's policy)
CSI Tools - CSI Logbook You may have to present to court as an expert witness so you better note everything in the crime scene down
CSI Tools - CSI Sketchpad Sketching the crime scene isnt important only for reconstruction purposes but also for use on the court of law
CSI Tools - CSI Measuring Tape Used to measure distances between objects or to measure the length of an item
CSI Tools - CSI Camera With black and white and colour film and several different lenses.Has a very important role when the scene is documented
CSI Tools - CSI Paper,plastic and glass containers Certain evidence can vapour,or burn the evidence bag etc etc so containers are used
CSI Tools - CSI Evidence Bags To keep evidence

UV Light Revelas certain types of fluids,fiber evidence etc

Fingerprint Brush A brush used with powder to uncover latent prints

Fingerprint Powder A powder used to uncover latent prints on non-porous surfaces

Magnabrush A plastic stick that uses magnetic power to summon the magnetic powder

Magnetic Powder Used to uncover latent prints on porous surfaces

Casting Kit To collect the shapes of footprints,tireprints etc

Lifting Tape Used to lift fibers,fingerprints which had had powder used on them etc

GSR Detection Kit Gunshot residue can be either uncovereby spraying collecting GSR particles using a magnetic object...

Luminol Luminol is used to turn hemoglobin glowish-blue

Other bloddstain-occulting chemicals Excet if luminol there are some other chemicals used on blood like Leuko Chrystal Violet

Integriswab Used to collect and preserve samples of fluids

Rape Kit To collectfrom the rape vic that can be connected to the rapist

Compass (extra) For disoriented CSIs lol.Now more seriously it can be used to help with the crime scene sketching.Nick once used it also for trekking in the desert

Voice Recorder (extra) Its basically for CSIs too lazy too use the logbook.Use in order to record a suspect without permission is illegal

Scapel Used to slice off small samples or scrape away ingrained material

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