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701 | Built to Kill Pt. 1

Grissom: I got you a veggie burger.
Sara: Thanks!
Warrick: What about me?!
Grissom: Didn't know you were here, soy sorry...
*Nick&Catheihrine in the lab.*
Nick; you still like to dance?
(Catherine turns and looks at him with wide eyes)
Nick;(blushing) 'i dont mean.. the way you used to..'
Catherine.. i know what you mean.. and yes i do ( smileing and putting her hand on his shoulder

702 | Built to Kill Pt. 2

Greg:I looked into the key that Izzy swallowed.Turns out that Bumblebee is a safe company.Sofia asked Madeline about it.She says she knew that there was a safe in the house but didn't know where it was -- my kind of marriage.

703 | Toe Tags

(Greg turns the head and sees the large empty hole in the victim's skull)
Greg:It's a no-brainer.I guess that makes me the search party.
(Greg shuffles over to the side and picks up a cell phone)
Greg:Don't think she'll be needing it,but...I found her cell phone.

704 | Fannysmackin'

(Grissom walks in when Sara is kicking a dummy for experimental purposes.)
Grissom: Woah! Pick on someone your own size.
Sara: Are you volunteering?
Grissom: No.
Greg: "Who's my wing man?"
Grissom: "Your a big boy Greg, you don't need a wing man for this."
Greg: "Primary, nice."

705 | Double-Cross

Frank Berlin:When will I get those back?I only have these sets of clothes.
Greg:Respectfully, Father,a woman's been murdered in your church and your clothes have blood on them.You're lucky you're not under arrest.
Catherine:I saw you at the crime scene.I thought you were on desk duty until the coroner's inquest.
Greg:yeah,I was starting to get a serious case of trucker butt so I told Grissom that I wanted to,uh,get back out with the team.

706 | Burn Out

707 | Post Mortem

708 | Happenstance

Warrick:I found her naughty drawer.
Greg:My favorite part of any bedroom search.

709 | Living Legend

Hodges:Know what makes human bones glow in the dark?

710 | Loco Motives

711 | Leaving Las Vegas

712 | Sweet Jane

713 | Redrum

714 | Meet Market

715 | Law of Gravity

716 | Monster in the Box

717 | Fallen Idols

(As Sara turns around with a razor in hand)
Sara: Do you trust me?
Grissom: Intimately.
(Sara moves closer to Grissom and starts to shave off his beard)
SARA: You know, when I was in college, I had this boyfriend and I thought we
were monogamous. And one night, during the post-coital panty search, he handed
me a pair of underwear that wasn't mine.
WARRICK: Ooh. How'd he explain that one?
SARA: He said they belonged to his sister.
WARRICK: Yeah, right.
SARA: I know.
WARRICK: Let's hope your taste in men has improved since then.
(Sara nods.)
SARA: Yeah.
GRISSOM: You okay?
(Catherine shows him the monitor.)
GRISSOM: Phthirus Pubis.
CATHERINE: Yeah, crabs. I am buying Lindsey a chastity belt.
GRISSOM: There's a hole in the metal to let the urine pass. So theoretically,
she could still get them.
CATHERINE: You are so creepy sometimes.

718 | Empty Eyes

719 | Big Shots

720 | Lab Rats

Wendy: What made you check under the keys?
Sara: A buttprint on the Credenza. (gestures a butt print with hands) I guess you never really know whats going on in your office.
Wendy: Yeah... hey do you know if the miniatures are keeping GRissom up at night?
Sara: (Scared) How would i know????
Grissom: Can you smell that?
Doc Robbins: Yes
Grissom: You shouldn't be able to smell that through your suit.
Doc Robbins: Good to know

721 | Ending Happy

Sara: So you've never paid for sex?
Grissom: I have not. I find the whole idea very bleak.
Sara: Really? How Come?
Grissom: Sex should provide the opportunity for human connection. Paid sex does the opposite of that; to me sex without love is pointless, it makes you sad.
Sara: Well, I'm pretty sure I don't make you sad.
Grissom: No, you make me happy.
Sara checks pools water
Sara: It's like bath water. It's gotta be 90 degrees. There's no way we gonna get accurate TOD.
Grissom: Places like this always keep their pools warm... It encourages girls to swim topless...
Sara gives him funny look.
Grissom: ....So they tell me....

722 | Leapin' Lizards

Grissom: Do you believe that intelligent life exists on other planets?
Sara: I'm not sure there's intelligent life on this planet...
Shannon: It's not like there's nothing at steak here, only the survival of mankind
Brass: Yeah, I'm just a phone booth away from changing into my tights and saving the world

723 | The Good, The Bad & The Dominatrix

724 | Living Doll

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