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[Just the usual stuff. GSR. Grissom and Sara all the way..
I think that this one is going to take place in the hospital after Sara is found in the desert. But that is just what I am thinking right now, so ifit is completey different.. sorry! Have Fun! Read and Review! Thnx.

Oh! Wait.. changed my mind. It is going to be a how they started fic. ]
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Sara's Secret.
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It was a hot day on the strip and Greg, Sara and Gil were working a double homicide. Much
to Sara's liking, she was, again, paired with Grissom. He had been working with her a lot lately. She didn't quite understand, but she was okay with it. She had fallen in love wit her boss about 7 years earlier, the day she met him. And she couldn't help but smile every time she saw him.

"Alright, Greg, you are on the body, Sara and I will go check out the dumpster around the block." Gil muttered as he looked down at the young girl laying on the ground in front of him. She must not have been much older than 5.. and her mother looked very young as well.

"I'm on it bossio!" Greg smiled and winked at Sara as he turned around and keeled to the ground in front of the little girl.

As he and Sara turned to walk to the back alley, Gil quickly glanced over at his co-worker and noticed a small tear escaping the bottom of her dark sunglasses. She must've been upset by the case, so he supposed it was a good move to take her off of the body part.

When they got to the dumpster, they set their kits down on the ground and sighed.

"Blood spatter..." Sara remarked grimly
"So... it looks like this could've been the spot where everything happened." Gil stated as he pulled on his gloves and picked up a used condom from the ground with blood on it.
"Condom?" Sara questioned as she removed her sunglasses, "Dave said there was no sign of assault on the mother... oh my.." She gasped and pulled her hands to her mouth.
Realizing what had taken place, and how Sara was obviously upset, noticing the tears streaming down her face, Gil stepped closer to give her a passionate hug. "It's okay honey..." he whispered. "We'll get him, and make sure he never sees daylight again."
"I just..." Sara weaped. "She was so young. It's not fair."
"I know." Gil whispered, "If you want... I can have Catherine take over for you and you can Help out Warrick and Nick with the 420?"
"No." she stated loud and clear "I want this case. I want to get this guy for what he has done to that little girl."
"Okay." Gil replied as he stroked her cheek gently not noticing that his feelings were spilling out right in front of him. As he looked into her dark, now reddened eyes. He saw so much in her, and he just wanted to know everything she was feeling and make it all go away. He knew about her past, her abusive father, but every time a young child was raped, she seemed to take it harder.
'Sara... honey," he whispered softly as he kissed her forehead, "Is it too late?"
"What?" Sara asked obviously confused and still startled by the feel of his lips and fingers on her.
"Is it... rather, am I too late?" He repeated
"Grissom, if you are talking about what I think you are talking about... no. You could never be too late." Sara smiled as another tear rolled down her cheek.
Grissom wiped it away with his hand and smiled. He slowly reached for her chin and caressed it softly. As he pulled her face closer to his, he could feel her breath deepening with desire.
"Griss..." Sara moaned, "Are you sure...?"
"Mhm." Gil replied shortly as he placed his lips on hers. At first, the kiss was gentile and unexciting, like two teenagers kissing for the first time. But after a few moments, and they realized what was going on, they deepened the kiss. Sara slowly sucked on Gil's lower lip as she allowed him access to her mouth.
After several moments of passionate kisses, Sara let go and stared down to the ground shyly.
"What?" Gil giggled
"I'm sorry..." she whispered turning around.
"What, why?" Gil asked as he grabbed her arm and turned her back to face him.
"I am a horrible kisser." She stated bluntly
"I didn't think so. Why would you say that?" Gil laughed as he caressed her cheek softly.
"Because I.." she blushed with embarrassment, "I have never really kissed anyone like that before."
Gil stood silent for a long moment looking into her deep eyes. Had she really never felt someone kiss her before?
"I.. I had a boyfriend when I met you, but after seeing you, I was instantly in love." She explained. "I wanted.. to save myself for you. Even if it meant never feeling the touch of love..."
"Oh, honey..." Grissom sighed as he grabbed her into a tight hug. " So your.. a..."
"Yeah.." she blushed " a virgin.." she shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal.
Grissom flashed a bright smile towards her bright red face that was now directed to the ground. Another tear fell from her eyes as she felt Gil's warm hand touch her face and caress her cheek. Every time he touched her, even when it wasn't purposely, she couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat.
"Hun.." Gil whispered, "I'm sorry."
"What, that I have never done... it?" she giggled as a tear ran down her face
"No.. well, yeah kind of, but..." he returned the giggle, "Mainly because I have been so stupid."
Sara smiled to herself as she felt his hand slide around her waist and land on the small of her back. He pulled her closer to him and hugged her as tightly as he possibly could without breaking her.
"I should've just told you the day I met you..." he continued as he placed a kiss on her hair, "I love you Sara Sidle."
Sara was in shock of what she had just heard that she just kept her head laying in the space between his neck and his shoulder. After a few moments, she realized what he had just confessed to her, she raised her head suddenly and looked into his blue eyes.
"You..." she began to tear up, "..you love me?"
He just stood there and nodded as he pulled her face close to his and placed a kiss on her nose. He felt her shiver as his lips touched her softly, and knew that she was serious about this. She really had never been loved before. He could tell by the way her body reacted when he touched her even in the gentlest way. As he placed a hand lower, almost to her bottom, she jumped slightly, and he knew it was time.
He raised her head up, and looked into her deep, brown, desire filled eyes and smiled his Grissom smile.
Sara was so overwhelmed about what was happening to her, that she nearly fainted in his arms, but just as she was about to, she felt a sudden jerk between them, and felt his warm lips against hers once more.
After moments of passionate "making out" as Greg called it, she let off again and smiled so brightly.
"I love you too Grissom." She whispered. "I have never really felt this before but I... I think we need to go somewhere."
Grissom looked at her in a "I am confused" way, and she just smiled and walked away. She looked back at him and smiled in a way to urge him to follow her; so he did.
After a minute or two of explaining that they had received a "call" and had to leave immediately to Greg and Brass, they both found themselves in Grissoms car, on their way to his house. It was silent, they just held hands and listened to each other breath.
Then, suddenly, Sara broke the silence as they were arriving in his driveway.
"Why now?" She asked quietly looking at her hand in his.
"I just finally realized that I needed you..." Gil smiled, "And now, after what you told me, sounds like you need me too."
Sara sat in her seat and nodded her head slowly as she looked deep into his now, dark with desire eyes.
"Can we go inside?" She asked suddenly in a rushed, giddy tone of voice.
"Okay." Gil smiled and looked down to see that she was touching herself slightly, while still looking at him. "Hold your horses, that is my job Sara, I have a different job for you." He smiled as he removed her hand and kissed it.
She shivered as she quickly collected her bag and helped herself out of his car and up to his door. As he unlocked it, Grissom heard her breath deepening, and he knew she was nervous.
"It's okay. We can take it slow..." Gil smiled as he let her in the door, "No need to rush anything."
"M..mhm,..." she stuttered in excitement and nervousness.
Gilbert closed the door and turned on the light to reveal the neatly organized living room she knew he did all of his studying in.
"Here, I'll take your coat." he smiled as he grabbed her coat and hung it in the closet. As he closed the closet door and turned around, Grissom asked: "So, what would you like to do?"
Sara looked into his eyes and stepped closer and touched his face gently. "You." she whispered loud enough for him to hear.
Then she raised her mouth to his and kissed him with all of her feeling she had been keeping bottled up inside for so long. She was to busy exploring his mouth, that Sara didn't even notice that she had been picked up off of the ground and was moving down a hallway.
"Your wish is my command my love." Gil whispered as he entered the room and placed her gently on his large bed. He watched her in amazement as she took deep breaths, lifting herself off of the bed every time. He once again noticed she was touching herself, this time, more vigorously, so he sprung to action and removed her hand.
"What did I say about this dear?" Gil smiled seductively as he kissed her hand and un buttoned her pants.
"Y-your job..." she moaned anxiously as she felt her thighs being caressed gently. When she couldn't hold it in anymore, she let out a small scream of his name...


He felt her breathing deeply in his arms as he gently stroked her hair. He could smell her, and taste her in his mouth and tightened his grip even more.
"I'm glad I waited for you Grissom." Sara whispered as she buried her face into his chest.
"Me too Sara," Grissom replied as he kissed her hair gently, not to start anything else.. not this time of night anyway. They had already done "it" about.. 3? No, 4 times since the night began he though to himself.
"I love you Sara." He admitted as he caressed her breast slightly. Trying not to get aroused again.
"Mmm..." she moaned quietly, "..me too..."
Sara gently moved her body up and down the length of his body and kissed him gently on the chest. After a few minutes, she began to feel him. She smiled her bright Sidle smile and giggled.
"This is fun." She confessed as she kissed his lips gently. "I am enjoying this."
"I've noticed." Grissom smiled as he continued to caress her small but pert breast. "But we have to get some sleep if we want to be at work tomorrow."
"Who says we want to be at work tomorrow?" Sara giggled as she stopped her movement and settled into his arms.
"Goodnight my love." Gil whispered as he removed his hand and placed one last kiss for the night on her swollen lips.
"Goodnight."She replied.


"Sara, honey..?" Gil smiled as he shook the sleeping beauty laying in his bed. "Time to wake up, we're already late for work..."
"Mmm..." she moaned as she rolled over and opened her eyes to greet his. "Hello.."
"Hi." Grissom smiled as he sat on the bed beside her. "How are you feeling?"
"A little sore." she smiled, "But I'm okay."
Gil smiled his sympathetic smile.
"But, it was very much worth it." Sara smiled seductively
"I am glad to hear that Miss Sidle." Gil replied as he looked her over. She looked so beautiful wrapped in nothing but his white linen sheet. Changing the subject before it got too far, he asked: "Which would you prefer, pancakes or.. omelet?"
Sara just laughed. She rose up from the bed, covering her breasts with the sheet.
"Omelet." Sara replied.
"Okay." Gil smiled as he stroked her hair and raised himself off of the bed to leave. When her reached the door, he turned around and looked her over. "You're sick today, by the way."
"What?" Sara asked quizzically as she got out of bed, bare naked and picked her shirt off of the ground.
"We're staying home today. I have paperwork to do and you are sick... with the flu I believe." He winked as he walked out of the door way and into the kitchen.
Sara smiled to herself as she slipped on her t shirt and her underwear. She was still so amazed about how.. awesome she felt last night. Gil Grissom, sleeping with her. His skin against hers, in ways she had never felt before. The whole experience was just too overwhelming to consider, but she knew she was in the right place, and that he would take care of her. He would help her to experience things beyond her imagination.. in.. "that" way. She just knew it. She carefully made his bed, and folded his clothes, and made her way out into the kitchen where she smelled something glorious.
"Gil Grissom, a cook." she teased, "Who would've known..."
"My mother, she taught me everything." he smiled without looking up from the pan on the stove.
After a few moments of silence, Sara began to talk again... "Thankyou..."
Gil turned around to see that her head hung low and she was blushing. "For what?"
"Everything.. lastnight, this morning..." she whispered, "For showing me what it is like to.. have some one."
Gil smiled and turned around so that they were facing eachother, body to body. He raised her head with his left hand as his right hand snaked around her waist. This time he did so, he didn't feel her jump, and knew she was comfortable.
"I wish I could've sucked it up and been more of a man 7 years ago Sara,,," he confessed as he kissed her nose gently.
"Me too, but..." Sara smiled, "We're here now."
Gil grinned and reached his lips to hers, but she suddenly pulled away. Gil looked at her in a confused way. Had he done something wrong?
"I don't want to give you my flu." Sara giggled softly.
Gil smiled and replied: "I don't care how much you give me, as long as I have you."
She smiled her Sidle smile and said: "Okay.. your decision though."
With that she raised up to her tippy toes and kissed him gently on the lips.
After a few moments, she let off and placed her head on his chest and whispered...
"I love you Grissom."
And he did not need to reply, he just squeezed her tighter, turned off the stove and carried her into his bedroom.

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