CSI Fanfic.

CSI Fanfiction bythelightninginthesky
it is about a guy named matthew who loses is family in las vegas and returns to become a CSI to solve the case
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Characters:Matthew Brown
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# of Chapters:6
Disclaimer (if needed):it is not finished yet but here a little bit of it right now
Last Updated:January 28, 2009
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Matthew (Matt) Lee Brown was only 9 when he lost his parents in a fatal car crash that was thought to be an accident, but he knew better, because he knew his parents were always careful, they never left the driveway without making sure everything was in order and seatbelts were buckled. The reason he knew it was no accident because his parents were found not wearing their seat belts and no sign of them ever wearing one. All the evidence that showed they were murdered washed away by the lake that the SUV was found in. They thought that his parents died of drowning because they had no signs of anything else that pointed towards murder. So he went to live with his rich cousin Darienne Michelle wolf in Iowa City, Iowa. Matthew stayed with his cousin until he was nineteen, then he got his own apartment and moved back to Las Vegas.

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