CSI Cartoons

Hi all! Noticed there wasn't a CSI cartoon page, so I decided to add one. So, If you find a CSI related comic or cartoon funny(or you want to create you own) add it to this page for everyone to enjoy!
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Gum Comic

CSI:Canada Sew-iside

KittyCSI CopyCat


BAF(Big *ss Fingerprint)

I just had to post this one(grillowsfan)
CSI Cartoons - CSI

CSI Cartoons - CSI

CSI Cartoons - CSICSI Cartoons - CSI

CSI Thanksgiving. by Reynolds, Dan
'Yes, folks, the victim was a bolt.  Now, I'm afraid, he's a deadbolt.' by Reynolds, DanCSI: Alaska.

Chalk outlines. by Duck Edwing -Edwing, Don-Sara-Grissom-Greg-She-s-Mine-csi-11.jpg image by dogtanian

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