Brass and Catherine

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BrassCat Brass and Catherine - CSI
BrassCat Fanfiction:

Courtship (was Mugs) by Tara Keezer rated PG-13
The New Jersey Connection by CrazyWriters rated R
A Work in Progress by beaujolais rated PG-13
Brass Trick or Treats by Wiccagirl24 rated PG
A year in the Life by Wiccagirl24 rated PG
Beautiful by themidnightstar rated PG
One Good Turn by Ethereal-Journey rated PG-13
No Guarantees by beaujolais rated PG-13
In The Spirit by Ethereal-Journey rated PG-13
Moving Forward by beaujolais rated PG-13
Splinters by beaujolais reated PG-13
Reward by angelaumbrello rated PG-13
Words Can't Say by Purple Artichokes from Mars rated PG-13

It's Your Love by SVUCSIFanatic - A Jim Brass/Catherine Willows video.

BrassCat Quotes:

Catherine: "You're good..."
Brass: (smirking) "Shut up."