Before Their Big Break

Marg Helgenberger
Marg worked in a meat packaging plant. She was once a weather girl for a news station in Nebraska. She played KC Koloski on China Beach(also won an Emmy for that role), played Karen Hines in ER for 5 episodes (1996). She also appeared in big number of movies.

George Eads

Copier Salesman. He also briefly worked in a gym. Played paramedic Greg Powell for 3 episodes (1997-1998) on ER. Once played twins on the TV series "Savannah" (1996), one of which died in the pilot episode. While working at a burger joint, a man come in and aimed a gun at George's head, infortunitly this also happened on CSI.

Gary Dourdan
Was a model in the 1980's and 1990's for Boss Models in New York City. In 1995 he starred in the pilot episode of an unsuccesful TV series "Keys" with Marg Helgenberger.

Jorja Fox
As a teenager she was a fashion model. Then she decided to study the art of acting at Lee Strasberg acting school in New York. Has a purse named after her. Portrayed recurring doctor on ER (33 episodes). She was also in the episode "The Coming Out" of Ellen.

Eric Szmanda

Attended high school in Mukwonago, Wisconsin - graduated in 1993 & Carroll College in Wisconsin; In his first movie the producer he was working with requested that he changed his name; Prior to his role in CSI, he portrayed Jacob Resh in the TV series "The Net" (1998-1999);

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