I was there when Wendy and Hodges got the news on Nick's condition after the shooting. I was waiting for something to be out of place. I wanted to go to the hospital and bring Nick something. Certainly not pizza. But again, I made my way to the hospital and told the nurse who I was. I stood in the doorway. Nick was sitting on the edge of bed with a sling around his arm. And the gown on. As he turned to look at me. I held the vase in my hands. Nick had a smile and he motioned for me to come over. "Hey you." he whispered. I felt one arm around me."Nick.. my heart was in my throat." I whispered. Nick gave me a slight smile. "I wanted you to know." I took a breath."Well of course you did." I leaned my head into his chest. Nick had known my pain on Grissom and he didn't know what to say. But again that was forever wasn't it? I can't tell Sara on it. I never told Gil of it. And he was my mentor. I was pretty much one of the lab rats then. I wanted to tell someone. So there I spilled it to Nick and he nodded. But that was silly right? It was only when Nick had asked me out. I was crying then and told him. Nick hugged me then. And he and I were friends. As know Nick had one arm around me. I closed my eyes. I took breaths."Nick.. what next?" Nick shook his head."I can't say. I don't know anything than getting out and going home." I put my hand on his face."Alright.. I'm going to help."

"Sure " he nodded."I'd be okay with that. "A pretty lab rat."

I shook my head."I can't be out there with you people"

"Why not?" Nick whispered."Listen.. we would love to have you."

"Too many of you." I sighed."I'm okay being in the lab helping out."

Nick took breaths."Oh guess what?"

I looked at him."Nick.. what?" I didn't know what he was hinting at.

"I heard from Griss.."

Oh help me. I wanted to die at that second. Grissom sent a message to Nick. Nick just looked at me."Hey.. easy.. I know how it is." and he put his hand on my face. "I won't tell him a thing."

"it's not what you think?" I whispered. I had slight tears on my face. "Well Grisssom was helpful to me. I got a crush and you know it died."

"I know that."Nick had another smile."I think something is right here with you and me."

I had a smile now."Nick.. you sure? Because.."

"Well you can't be who you were... now you're with me."

"I am."

to be continued

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